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Co-Signer drunk driving
Last July my co-signer was caught drunk with my car it was impounded I had to go to the clerk of court have a trail in order to get my car back was granted by the judge to get it back. Hyundai Motor Finance sent me a bill for 1.148 dollars stating that they paid a lawyer this amount in order for me to get my car. I paid 450.00 cash to get my car back now they have repossessed my car. I ask them to send me proof that they paid this amount I was told that they did not have to send my proof that was something that they did. Co-Singer has been in jail since the end of July 2015
I have never heard of a finance company paying for an attorney for someone who is a client of a car purchase. I have...
In North Carolina, can I TRANSFER the remaining DUI classes to where I am moving?
I ONLY HAVE 3 MORE, MY LAWYER IS HORRIBLE, CARES NONE, AND DOESNT EVER CALL ME BACK. THATS HOW PEOPLE ARE IN THIS STATE UNFORTUNATELY. ANYWAY, IM MOVING TO MICHIGAN TO GET A JOB AND GO TO COLLEGE. HOW DO I TRANSFER THE REMAINING CLASSES IF I CAN? WHAT IS THE PROCESS? Someone please, help, I really need advice from a lawyer that cares or wants to help. I really do appreciate you helping and answering my questions, you have no idea how much it helps in my situation.
You should complete the classes in North Carolina since you want to make sure that the classes you complete satisfy...
My probation officer forgot about me.
I am on supervised probation,I have not seen or heard from my p.o. in like 4 months.My probation ended in november but i still owe a lot of money.What is going to happen to me.I have suspended jail time.
You should call your probation and parole office as soon as possible. Find out what has happened to your P.O. If that...
My probation ended nov 11 2012,i still owe $2200 in fines and court fees.
I went to see my p.O. on dec.10 2012,he said all I owe is the money,he said nothing about my probation being over,and he scheduled me for another appointment in January.I have 4 months of jail hanging over my head if i dont pay.
That seems to be a possibility if you do not comply with the terms of the probation. Discuss the legal strategy with...
I was charged with a DWI and refused breath test due to not blowing hard enough. Can I get a driving privilege on a refusal?
I was giving the test roadside along with other tests and then a breathalizer at the station. I was then asked a series of questions at the station. I feel like I could have "passed" the breath test if they would have gotten a reading. I told the officer I was trying but he refused it after several tries. He gave me a paper that said "refusal" I was given no blood test or urine test. I asked the magistrate if I could do a blood test before I was released (someone signed me out) and he told me I could leave there and get one on my own. It was late and I had to get home to my twins. My husband had to leave for drill. I am at home most of the time with my 9 month old babies. I am concerned with being able to get them to Dr. etc
You absolutely need to contact a local DUI defense attorney to challenge this. Too many police officers take the...
I got charged with a DWI. I didn't blow hard enough and the officer said it was a refusal. Is there anyway to get out of it.
I was polite and feel I did ok with answering questions and roadside test. There was no urine or bloodtest given.
Get an attorney. Look those attorneys listed here on Avvo or contact your state bar site.
I was hit by a drunk driver and was hurt what is the next step should I take
On Monday night I was hit by a drunk driver was taken to ER by EMS with lower back and neck and shoulder pine going to primary doctor today. Need advice
I commend you that your instincts are excellent to come to this site to get representation