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DUI, what to expect...
I was just pulled over and arrested for a DUI, I bailed out and now have to go to court. I'm 34 years old and have never had a DUI, or speeding ticket in my life. What should I expect from the system in place? What am I looking at?
What you are looking at? largely depends on the courthouse, your Blood alcohol content, the reason for the stop, and...
What are the arrest records in a Dui
What are the arrest records in a DUI, is it just the fingerprints taken or is it a piece of paper that shows all the individual informations and charges?
I'm not sure what you mean by "arrest records." There would be a "record" or your booking in jail together with any...
How is a DUI a felony in CA?
I had a DUI in Oct. of 2000; there was no bodily injury, no other DUI's, and no priors. Could I still be considered to apply as a Grand Jury volunteer?
I believe you could apply- but they might not take you.
Are the elements of a DUI in California the same as a DUI in Wisconsin?
The Superior Court of California requested that I go to the DMV office and get my valid drivers licence. Unfortunately i was informed by the DMV that i can't get one due to a 2nd DUI charge in Wisconsin. In 2000 i got a DUI in California and was sentenced a first offenders program that I completed. 15 yrs. later i was stopped for driving a friend home who was intoxicated,and given a ticket for not having my drivers license on my person while driving.
You'll have to take the 18 month course. You were suppose to do it in 2000, you just didn't notify dmv / the court.
Can the DUI Education Program be "voided" after several years?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in San Diego County while working abroad ( I am not a US-citizen). I plead guilty and had to pay a fine, which I did. As for the mandatory 3 months DUI Education Program, that was deferred as I had to return to my country to study and because my visa was running out. I was told that once I return to the US I should contact the court and start the program. Now, I can't take 3 months of work to go to the US and attend the classes. Is there a time-span, after which my need to attend the program is "deleted" (for lack of a better word)? Or is there an alternative "punishment", so that I don't lose my job? Thank you in advance for your answers!
If you were represented by an attorney on the DUI, you should contact that attorney to evaluate your options although...
If I have a prior wet reckless from 2015 and was just arrested for a Dui 2016 will the courts view it as two dui or one?
Last year in September of 2015 i was charged with a wet reckless for my blood levels came back at .07. I was just detained on 12/24/16 for what i will consider a dui. I did the breath test and according to the arrest papers i was .08. I want to know if the court will view the 12/24/16 incident as my 1st Dui or treat it as a second dui and give me the penalties of a second dui,
It will be treated as a second offense.
Can a first misdemeanor DUI make you elegible for deportation?
First DUI. Illegal immigrant. Record cLean this would be a first involving the police.
It can. What other type of criminal history do you have? Anything? What was your BAC? Was there a car accident involved?