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Question about BAC blood test results after accident while intoxicated. No word yet, will they call? Can I still be arrested?
I was driving impaired and wrecked my vehicle 2 days ago. A police officer was on the scene and wrote a citation for the accident and on the ticket checked the box for "impairing substance". I went to the hospital and they did not take blood, but the sheriff's office collected blood, and I received copies of two forms regarding my consent for the blood. The accident occurred on Friday night and I still have not heard back about the BAC blood test or if I am to be arrested. Would they have called me if the test was positive or negative? Is it possible that I can still be charged and arrested for DUI? Is it standard to wait this long? Should I call to try to get results? I am a first time offender, the incident occurred in Pine Level NC, Johnston County Police
Each state is different. But, in Louisiana you could be charged with an offense once the blood work is tested. Did...
Can you receive a dui for paxil
I was already out of my car when a trailor hit me. The police let the guy go and btout me to have bloodwork done , they couldd not get me for my precribed narcotic but gave me a dui for the paxil i have been taken forva numbr:of yesrsc. 10 mg
I'm moving your question over the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
What happens if I don't pay my DUI fine on time
Hey I have a dui fine for 1200 dollars and won't be able to make to the court house till the next day, the fine is due today. I do remember the judge telling me if I don't pay my fine; he'll put me on unsupervised probation. What will happen if I don't make it today ?
Several things can happen including getting arrested. Pay the fine as soon as you can and hope that the failure to...
When someone is charged with DUI and child abuse, is the case automatically sent to CPS?
My daughters mother was charged with DUI and child abuse due to my daughter being in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Her mother was not arrested. Do I need to contact CPS myself or has the case already been referred to them since she was charged (even though she wasn't arrested)?
Child abuse or child endangerment. In my cases, it's hit or miss. In theory, they're supposed to be contacted but...
When I was 16 I got charged with a B&E and larceny . Then got charged with a dwi when I was 18. Can I get it expunged.
I'm 40 now I'm married have kids my daughter is 17 she is going to early college and graduating next year with her associates I haven't been in trouble since I was 18. found out the hard way I can't get a good job with this on my record. I really don't want this hanging over my head the rest of my life really would like someone to help me get rid of this nasty record.
How old were you when you were convicted of the B E L? Were you convicted of the underage DWI at the same time OR did...
I lost my drivers license in Michigan 10 years ago due to 3 DUI's. I now live in North Carolina How can I get my license back,
I was court ordered to 2 years substance abuse classes and 3 years of AA I had completed both just before I moved to NC. How do I get my driving privileges back. I need a car to keep working.
You need to resolve the Michigan case and get your privileges restored there. Then NC will be OK with you. This is a...
Can i have a dui reduced to a public drunk charge if I was broke down along the hwy, outside of my car & the hood up on my car?
unable to obtain breathalizer reading on scene, i have a clean criminal background, decent driving record (no major violations and very few),
Anything is possible, but it won't come easily and people are routinely convicted of DUIs on similar facts. Time to...