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  • 2nd suspect jailed in fatal PB holdup

    Thursday Jun 25 | via NWAonline 

    Police arrested Lorenzo Kellon, 23, on Tuesday night, saying they believed he was the one who fired the shots that killed 46-year-old Hardip Singh. Both men had been the subject of a manhunt after Singh was shot multiple times during a robbery just before 9 p.m. Monday at the Big Red store at 1802 E. Harding Ave. Police arrived at the store in response to a robbery call and found Singh's body on the west side of the business.


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  • PB man oversaw 3 bank holdups, U.S. jury decides

    Thursday Jun 25 | via NWAonline 

    A federal jury spent about two hours over two days deliberating before finding Cameron Zayrell Arnold, 30, of Pine Bluff guilty Wednesday of masterminding three bank robberies in Little Rock and Benton that were carried out by other men. The other two men pleaded guilty to bank robbery charges and agreed to testify against Arnold in the hope that they will receive leniency at sentencing in return.


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  • Big Red Gas Station Reopens After Deadly Shooting

    Wednesday Jun 24 | via FOX16 

    Pine Bluff police arrested both men they believed were involved in the murder of a convenience store clerk on Monday night. Sha'Quille Carter was arrested Wednesday morning and Lorzenzo Kellon was arrested Tuesday night.


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  • Gas Station Clerk Shot, Killed in Pine Bluff Monday ...

    Monday Jun 22 | via FOX16 

    Pine Bluff Police are investigating a Monday night shooting that left one person dead. Just before 8:30 officers were called 1802 E. Harding, the Big Red, in reference to a robbery.


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  • Victim, Suspect Identified in Deadly Pine Bluff Stor...

    Monday Jun 22 | via FOX16 

    Police are looking for Sha'quille Ali Carter, 18, for Monday night shooting death of store clerk Hardip Singh, 46. Carter is 5'6" tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He was last seen riding in a 2000's model green or pewter colored Cadillac Sedan DeVille with factory rims.


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  • PB woman arrested in killing

    Friday Jun 19 | via NWAonline 

    A Pine Bluff woman was arrested Thursday morning, authorities said, after she admitted to killing 84-year-old Esbend Sheridan on Tuesday night by stabbing him repeatedly and striking him in the face with a board. Carla Davidson, 53, of Jefferson County was held without bond at the Jefferson County jail on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery.


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  • Housing board to seek information-act clarity

    Friday Jun 19 | via NWAonline 

    The Little Rock Housing Authority board of commissioners voted Thursday to allow the agency's law firm to seek a declaratory judgment in an ongoing dispute with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette over document requests. The Metropolitan Housing Alliance will ask a Pulaski County circuit judge to determine what services the state's Freedom of Information Act permits a public agency to bill a requester for in readying documents for release, said the agency's attorney Mark Davis, with Wright, Lindsey & Jennings, LLP.


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  • Woman Arrested for Elderly Man's Killing in Jefferso...

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via FOX16 

    Deputies and investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are working the scene, which is off the shoulder of Hwy 79 South about 3.5 miles south of the city limits of Pine Bluff, AR. Carla Davidson, 53, was arrested just hours after deputies started a suspicious death investigation after finding the body of Esbend Sheridan, 84. Deputies and investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are working the scene, which is off the shoulder of Hwy 79 South about 3.5 miles south of the city limits of Pine Bluff, AR.


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  • Pine Bluff Police investigating homicide at Big Red ...

    Jan 30, 2015 | via KATV Little Rock 

    Pine Bluff police are investigating a homicide at the Big Red Store on East Harding. According to police officers were called to the store around 8:30 p.m. on Monday.


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Pine Bluff Law

Do I need a lawyer?
I have a warrant from 6 years ago. DUI I think. I did the class, house arrest, and got my license back. I paid most the fine but moved and haven't paid it off. I plan on it when I get my taxes. Will I go to jail? I'm in Arkansas
Yes you need a lawyer - one familiar with the court that has issued the warrant and with the prosecutor who will be...
I work on a river boat and it's hard to pay tickets off, I had two speeding tickets before I got a DUI,
I have three warrants for my arrest because I couldn't show up for court, and I have a really good job and workin hard and don't want to lose my job, but I have a suspended license, I need to pay my tickets off and warrants off with out losing my job, I new legal help or bond or something of that sort to set up a payment plan with out doing time, can you help?
you have two problems: The warrants for failure to appear, and then the cost of tickets and penalties. Hire a...
Is a written warning considered a moving violation?
What penalties are there if I got convicted of an dui in arkansas and just recieved a written warning for speeding. I an currently on probation, am attending alchol classes and have a breathazyler in my car. I was convicted about 2 months ago. I was told not to get an moving violations. Is a written warning considered a moving violation? Thank you.
A written warning is not a moving violation, but a ticket sometimes looks like it is only warning. Look to see if the...
Can an adult get charged with a DUI in Arkansas?
I was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana. The officers informed me that I had swerved and thats why they stopped me. After issuing a drug screen which I failed only for marijuana and failing a field sobriety test that I cant even pass sober, they issued me a DWI with drugs. When I asked why I didnt get a DUI, I was informed it was because I'm not a minor? I don't understand. Neither is good but isn't a DWI worse?
In Arkansas , a DUI in underage driving.
I received a dui roughly 10 years ago. How long will it stay on my "record"
I recieved a dui in lawton ok/Fort sill when I was 21. I have never seen or heard a mention on it on any employment background check all these years. I was just curious as to how long it will stay on my "record". Or where to look to research up on it? Thank you.
It matters what kind of record you are referring to. I am also not licensed in Arkansas or Oklahoma, so my answer is...
I have a DUI coming up on September 15 2015. I was arrested because of my friends.Do I have a foot to stand on? Is my name clear
Hi there. I was arrested for a DUI in September last year. The police told me after throwing me in the van that I was arrested because My friends verbally assaulted them and they got angry. They did not find me behind the wheel, but my car was damaged as I had to swerve out to avoid colliding with a taxi that skipped a red robot at a junction. They drew blood and the case is pending for September 2015 the 15th. There was also a tow in service that aggravated the arrest on me. Would I be fine. What must I do? I got a job offer in England to start in June. Will this count against me? How can I clear my name Permanently?
You should find an experienced criminal defense attorney practicing in your area to hire and address these issues....
Where do I go from here?
I was arrested for a DUI in September 2014. I have been trying to fight the charges since then. I finally went to court on June 19 and accepted the plea agreement at the request of my previous attorney. To make a long story short; I totaled my car. My sister was in the passenger seat. She was taken to the hospital and was treated for minor injuries. I rode in the ambulance with her. I was not intoxicated. However, I did have half of a glass of wine before we left the house. On our way back home it started to rain. I had bald tires, the road was slick and I hit a tree, trying to navigate a sharp turn. The officer came to the hospital and asked if I would take the breath test. I informed him that I would, but I had a severe sinus infection, so the test may not register. Then, he asked f
You already plead guilty so I don't exactly understand what your question is. Did you plead already?