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  • Teen arraigned on charges of drunkenly crashing vehi...

    Mar 19, 2017 | via 

    Days after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest, a Linwood teenager accused of drunkenly shearing a vehicle in half and permanently injuring his passenger has been arraigned. Logan D. Larson, 18, on Monday, June 5, voluntarily appeared in Bay County District Court for his arraignment on single counts of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated causing serious injury and second-offense operating while intoxicated.


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If i broke my bond after pleading guilty to 2nd offense dui and 2 deferred sentences, will they revoke my deferred sentences?
I have two deferred sentences, one for first time DV, and a deferred sentence on a marijuana charge, and i plead guilty to a second offense dui, which really was my third. I did make bond, but broke my bond, are they going to revoke my deferred sentence, and should i hire an attorney or keep my court appointed attorney.
If you deferrals are of the usual sort, 333.7411 and 769.4a, and subsequent conviction can terminate the break you were...
I need to do 93 days for a first offense DWI turn in date is today I can't go today what's the worst I'm not probation
I need to care for my 7 month old her mom's in the hospital until next week she has cystic fibrosis
Call the attorney that represented you on the OWI immediately.
Can iI be in the presence of alcohol like a restruant or if its just sitting around me or would iI get in trouble? on scram?
iI was around ppl who were drinking but iI wasnt drinking and im on scram woill iI get into trouble
The tether itself should not record alcohol that you do not drink, but a related question is if it was a violation of...
What should I do if my 17 year old son got an owi.
My son will will be 18 years old in a couple of weeks. This is his first offense. Car was parked but police suspect he was driving he was in his girlfriend's car because she picked him up.
You should contact an attorney immediately. From your description, he may not have been "operating" the vehicle....
Recieved my 2nd owi in mi
hi recieved my 2nd owi in mi, it happened during my 7th year of my old one however my case isnt going to fall in that 7 yr time frame sinc emy court date kept on being pushed back so my hearing wont be during my 7 yr limit. Will i still face jail time? how long will the process take?
If the incident occurred within 7 years of your last conviction then charging you with a 2nd offense would be proper....
What are the odds of avoiding jail time for a first time "super drunk" dui
I was pulled over and obviously guilty. A BaC of .18. I just want to avoid jail time. What are the chances of a plea bargain.
A lot depends upon your record, the court, and the prosecutor s office. Get yourself into alcohol counseling and...
“At my psi the probation agent said she is recommending straight jail time to the Judge. What does that mean? Dui 2nd.”
No chance for probation... does this mean I won't get good time or trustee time if granted?
Sentencing is always at the discretion of the judge. The probation department recommends a sentence to the judge, but...