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When my truck broke down ,which has interlock, got pulled over driving another vehicle w/out interlock What will happen
If you were charged with violating your driver license restriction the charge is a misdemeanor and you will likely face...
I was arrested for dangerous drug-poss/use, drug paraphernalia-possess/use, DUI drug listed in 13-3401 or metabolite 1st.
I was not booked into jail I was released the same night. 1 week later the prosecutor filed complaint then 9 days later a pre-adj warrant was issued and bond set. i have complied with everything I dont understand why a warrant is issued not a summons to appear. In 1999 is was convicted and sent to prison for the things in my past. I served 8 years (released in 2007) and have been in no trouble since Aug 2013. Why is a warrant issued and not a summons to appear? And when i called the courts to ask why i have a warrant I was told its to insure that I show up to my court hearing, i asked when i am to appear in court and was told no court date has been set.....Confused?
You should hire an attorney immediately. There are a number of reasons why the State has chosen to go this route....
I was charged with two first time dui both within five years I had a cdl what will it take to get it back here in arizona
won my appeal basically due to due process rights and agreed for first time dui again mvd said im revoked for life how long is this and can I get it back according to the courts ive never been charged for a second dui
If you appealed then more than likely you have an attorney. You should direct your questions to your attorney as they...
Statue of Limitations for DUI?
I was stopped for a hit and run accident on October 26th of 2011. I was taken into custody and blood was drawn. I have not heard anything about the case no notification from local PD or DMV . Can I still be charged after a years time has expired?
Criminally or civil? I changed the tag to criminal defense
Having never obtained a cdl an having 3 prior dui convictions, am i able to obtain a cdl now?
It has been 3 years since my last dui and atleast 7 years since my first. Can i now obain a cdl.
My understanding is that after the second DUI it is permanent disqualification and if you had a cdl, which you never...
How do I find out if I have a DUI?
I was in an accident over a month ago, no one was hurt. I'm in pain management, I take two separate narcotic pain meds. I quit driving for 15 years as I was prescribed high doses. I'm now taking low doses for over a year but the officer accused me of being drunk then searched my purse without my permission, called an ambulance and wouldn't let me leave the ER till the crime lab drew my blood. My pain doctor says nothing will come of this, the officer told me if I stayed and had tests or was admitted that he wasn't going anywhere. He also said that when I least expected it he'd be at my door and if I didn't answer he'd break a window and fordablely remove me from my home in the middle of the night and take me to jail. I left the hospital AMA. I don't sleep, I'm afraid to take my pain meds and I'm having constant panic attacks. My license wasn't taken. How long do I have to go through this? He also took my meds. I can't take the pain and stress anymore.
If there are charges, you should receive a summons in the mail. You should consult a DUI attorney right away to help...
Will I receive something in mail for dui after blood work returns?
Pulled over wasn't told why? Had a couple did roadside and blow thing also gave blood no ticket issued just the blood work recite and the warrant they had to provide to get my blood ,than I was released to take taxi home??? Will I receive something in mail ,once blood work is received by them??
Yes, you will receive a Summons when the blood results come back and the prosecutor files charges.