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My dad got a dui blew .2 he just wants to plead guilty. Is this his best bet? Will he go to jail the day he pleads?
He drove home after a wedding reception and got pulled over. Since then he had done an alcohol eval and an alcohol class he is also going to do a MADD class before his court date which is Thursday. He thinks since he blew a .2 there is no sense getting a lawyer. Will he go to jail the time of his court date if he pleads guilty, or should he make a request for counsel at that time? I'm really worried for him and just need a little help. Thank you!
You should have your dad at least talk to an attorney before deciding what to do. They will be in the best position to...
In 2013 I got a infraction for possession of K2 under an ounce.
In 2013 I had gotten pulled over for speeding when I was heading back home. In the back seat was a bag that had belonged to a friend of mine that I had given a ride to earlier that day. The officer asked to search my vehicle and I accepted not knowing what was in the bag. He pulled it all out and I tried to explain to him what had happen. He told me if I was to go and take a piss test would I pass. I accepted and told him to take me in and I would but he declined the offer. I'm trying to get a job in the health care field now and this is holding me back I need some advice on how to deal with this.
Have you already plead guilty? If so, you really can't do anything. PS - never let the cops search your car.
Will I be able to get hired as a car sales professional with a DUI conviction from five years ago?
I want to transition into car sales but am worried that in the state of Nebraska I cannot get hired because it was less than seven years ago.
You likely have to have a driver's license to work in car sales, but I don't think a DUI would stop you. It may be an...
How long will my juvenille diversion last?
I'm 17 years old, in December I was charged with a misdemeanor charge of marijuana in Sarpy County (Nebraska). About a month later I got a letter from the court, letting me know I was eligible for diversionary services. I had a meeting on January 20th with my officer and I was given 4-6 months on the program. I was assigned 15 community service hours, a class, drug counseling, and random drug testing. The day of my appointment I had told my officer I had not used since my charge, which was not true and I failed the test I was called in for the next morning. I explained it to him and he chose to allow me to continue on the program. The next week I was sent a letter in the mail about the community service and where to do it at. It came with a card to log the hours and it said they must be completed by May 25th, does this mean that's when I should be off? What can I do make sure I'm off by this time? (My officer is a straight up jerk). Thanks.
My suggestion would be to get everything done and not fail any further tests. If you goes well, after the completion...
What happens if the drinking and driving event was essentially a suicide attempt?
My husband had fallen into a depression and had been drinking heavily for a few weeks. One night he was very depressed, got very intoxicated and took a drive on a dirt road. He rolled the car three times and had told me that he was trying to "make it an accident" so I could still collect life insurance.
It's not clear what sort of legal information you're seeking so I can't say anything about that. But... Were my...
Can cps go to my childrens schools to ask them questions? Without consent, a warrent or court order?
Dec 13,2016 I went to see a detective about some concerns with my husband. There was a case opened on him for sleeping with an underage girl. He knew I was tripping so he called the cops and said I used meth. I came home they searched me,my room & my car. Nothing. We have been fighting alot (yelling) because he cheats. In January cps goes to my kids schools and asks them questions like should mom be removed from the home or just help for her? Am I mean to them? Do I neglect them? Offer them drugs? Do they believe I do drugs? My kids are 14 & 7. I've spoke with them and do did my husband. He and I did hair tests and passed.she said case closed Then the next day she says she's still waiting for the results from our hair tests. But the day before she said she did. Now she's saying she did it backwards and jumped the gun. Kids should of been tested. That's fine I'm not worried but it's my 7 year old. She's been through enough. She said case closed. They say allegations were drug usage. But then she says neglect and abuse. It's for the kids best Interest. I don't know what's going on and no one is being honest. There is no drugs or usage and I've proved that.
Absolutely they can. It's Child Protective Services.. They're out there to protect children from their parents.. of...
Can a person be convicted of DUI if he parked the vehicle, walked home, drank at home and then was contacted by police?
After rolling through a stop sign while turning, I met an oncoming cop. I turned at the next street, went around the block, parked my vehicle and walked home. Apparently after meeting the cop, he turned around to follow me. 30 minutes after arriving home and having a big glass of whiskey, an officer came to my house and arrested me.
Did you tell the officer you drank after you got home? If so, that would certainly make a conviction more difficult...