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How can I fight the use of the ION Spectromety Device being used in the Federal prisons?
So far this year I have tested positive two times and not allowed to see my husband. First time they tested my bare arms twice. That lead to a 48 hours offense. 2nd time they tested me the first one tested positive. Then I was tested again same thing but they never cleaned the machine, changed gloves to see if the machine was working properly before performing second test that day. So now I have a second offense for 30 days. These machines are not accurate and the know this. I tried getting a response from the warden but he just brushing it off like it's not a problem. I'm not the only one with this issue. Please help!!!
This is not a DUI question. I'm going to reclassify it as a civil rights issue.
Will my 911 call play in his DUI/ DWI court case? Will they know i called? Do i have to go to court? I know this person.
I have a question I called 911 Yesterday i didn't ask to be anonymous and reported a guy in a black buick sleep/drunk at the wheel with his car running. He was Parked on a street. when i called there was No accident and the car was in park. I gave the 911 operator the location of the driver on the street. I didn't give my name but i gave a phone number when asked as well my address. When the police did show up his car was on the curb but it hit a light pole with the street sign and knocked it down. He did a breathalyzer 1.9% Than he was taken away and car towed. He holds a CDL(truck driver) Now I'm really scared that they will find out if i called or if my information will be on the police report. I gave the police probable cause to find him. Will my 911 call play when he goes to court? Will their Lawyer subpoena me to go?. Is my info in the police report? Will he know i called? Or can he find out. Im so scared Please help. I know them personally.
You have no reason to be scared. You did nothing wrong and in fact may have saved someone's life if that person...
Can I go out of the country on probation for a DUI? Would I be eligible for a passport?
I got a DUI and was just sentenced to 2 years supervised probation and was wondering if I could travel to the UK.
You will need permission from your probation officer to leave the state of Maryland. If you travel without permission,...
Will Maryland probation drug test for suboxone
I'm on probation and get tested randomly
It is possible that they could test you for drugs and suboxone could be one of the drugs they test for.
Will testing positive for marijuana violate my probation in MD?
I am on a PBJ for a DWI in MD and as stipulated as part of my probation I am to, "totally abstain from alcohol and abusive use of any drug". My question is in reference to Maryland's progressive stance on marijuana currently. If I were to test positive for marijuana on a urine analysis, is that still enough to violate my probation?
yes, smoking pot will violate your probation. Think of it this way.. Alcohol is legal, isn't it? - yet you can't...
Brother was arrested for failure to appear to a court date for driving on suspended licence how long will they hold him
brother was arrested today for failure to appear to a court date for driving on suspended licence that was in early December which of course he neglects to tell me anything about this and i find out from his girlfriend, my question is how long will they hold him and is there anyone I can contact about information regarding details
They will either release him on his own recognizance or require him to post bond. If they require him to post bond, he...
Do I have a good defense?
I collided with an unoccupied vehicle and was asked to perform a field sobriety test. When I set my camera up to tape my test I was seized and arrested. My hair was grabbed and my head was hit on the police vehicle as I was placed into the car. I would appreciate advice or even better, a reference to law that can support my defense. Thank you.
You need an attorney to represent you in connection with your case. There are not enough facts provided to determine...