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If I use listerine breath spray just before the treatalyizer, will I get a DUI OR DWI charge and get arrested. how do I avoid the arrest
Hires the best DUI lawyer you can afford and be prepared to go to trial on this case. If you're being charged with a...
back home for the summer–which is across the country–and I do not have the money to purchase another ticket! I understand that hiring a lawyer would be best, but I am not financially stable. I'm a freshman in college. What do I do?!?!?
You can file a Motion to Continue your hearing with the Court explaining the situation and see if the judge will...
If I use listerine breath spray just before the treatalyizer, will I get a DUI OR DWI charge and get arrested.
Most states require an "observation" period before a defendant submits to a breathalyzer test, and national standards...
I was charged by police with 3 charges last week in Hanover NH. I was charged with Unlawful Possession and Intoxication, Acts Prohibited, and Possession of a False ID (which was found after searching my wallet). They came up to me and my friend and started questioning us and we complied with them with no arguments or lying. I now have a court date in a month, and want to reduce the consequences of these charges. What steps do I need to take? I know I need to find a criminal defense attorney, but can I do that over the phone or does it need to be face to face, because I live 3 hours from the offense. From there, what needs to be done? Will I need more than one court date?
If you are unfamiliar with the attorneys in the area in which you have been charged with the offense, my best advise is...
What if when I get pulled over because I drove a certain way and they do a breathaylzer on me and I had just used LISTERINE BREATH SPRAY (one or two or three sprays in my mouth), WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME AND THE BREATHAYLIZER READING??? Would I get arrested and taken away for DWi?
Yes, it could but the person who used the breath machine should have waited for at least 15 minutes for the alcohol in...
IF I used to Listerine Breath Spray just before a sobriety test, what will happen and will I Get arrested and go to jail? and how long would I be with the police for? HOw do I Ask for a retest and how long would that be?
Has this actually happened or is this a hypothetical question?
I had been drinking at my house with my girlfriend who was over. She decided to leave around midnight while it was raining. I did not want her to walk alone through the streets while it was dark and raining so I jumped in the car to go pick her up. I pulled into a parking lot near where she was walking and jumped out of the car to go talk to her. I left the car running and while we were standing talking a cop pulled up. He asked what we were doing and I said I was picking up my girlfriend to bring her home. When asked if i had been drinking I said I had a few. Was given a field sobriety test and declined breathalyzer until getting to the station where I blew a .16. I have no other offenses except for a speeding ticket two and a half years ago and one this year. What should I be expecting
My thought is that you need a lawyer and you need to be careful what you say in a public forum such as this.