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I got a DWI. My ticket says I'm to appear in court at 4:00 A.M. which is wrong. Can I get the charge thrown out because of this?
I got a DWI. My ticket says I'm to appear in court at 4:00 A.M. which is wrong. Can I get the charge thrown out because of this?
I do not think that the summons stating the wrong time to appear in court is a critical error that will lead to a dismissal.
Is worsening depression grounds for early release from felony DWI probation in NYS?
I am a war veteran that has been diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety, and I have been on felony DWI probation for almost three years (out of five). My probation is a huge trigger for my anxiety and depression and I am wondering if the exacerbation of my symptoms can be grounds for early release.
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
Can i get a nys license with a suspended florida license?
I have a valid but expired nys license, when living in florida I got dui and some tickets on my license ended up in suspension of florida license. Im living in ny now and want to renew my nys license. In doing so will the nys dmv find out about my florida suspension.
No. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Immediate Past President, Criminal Courts Bar Association 11'-12' Hession Bekoff &...
Do i have any option after being denied license after revocation even though my application was submitted 5 months b4 law change
my license was revocke for d.u.i. in 7-9-09 i went to prison for 1year than did 1 year on parole . The judge said after 1 year Icould get my license back with interlock device. I had to wait to get out of prison and of parole. So I paid of years of fines and completed treatment and when i got of parole the dmv told me i had to pay a $750 assesment fee and $100 than apply by mail. In may idi all of this.In aug. when my date for reveiw came up as per their phone my case got sat aside waiting for law change. I have 3 Duis and a few driving w/out lic. so under new law im elgible for lifetime revocation. but my stuff was in 5 months before law change.Do I have any options and is this fair
Yes---you need an attorney to fight this issue. The law should be challenged and hopefully it will be struck down....
Not on probation but blew a .07 into intoxaloc device
I am NOT on probation, but have an intoxaloc device. I blew a .07. What will a judge do?
Potentially put you in jail. Speak to the atty who handled your original case. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq....
I have a public defender for a dwi case, i got a plea offer but i don't like it because i feel it's that good of a deal.
could i switch my lawyer to a paid lawyer to see if i could get a better deal? or since i got a plea offer from the da it will only make things worse considering i already went with the public defender?
You can always hire a private attorney. It won't make matters worse but there is no guarantee that your new lawyer will...
What am i looking at with a pending dwi misdemeanor, and then got charged with auo 2nd few months later while dwi still pending
i have a hardship license which allows me to drive to work and back but when i got pulled over i was not technically working for my job but coming back from another job interview which would provide me a better future
There are a lot of problems here. If you had a hardship license, it was w/in the 1st 30 days of your initial DWI. If it...