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I am o parole for dwi and I got in an accident with no licence will I go back to prison first violation
I did boot camp program and isr I haven't been in any trouble since 2012 I'm on low risk parole and have an excellent job
Obviously, there's a chance. Sorry, but without knowing anything more you can't expect an answer you can rely on in...
Was told Minnesota state law is "time served" does not count from county to county if its for dui. then told by public defender
That's not true. So what's the truth?
I'm not sure what you mean. You would get time served if the person is under supervision during the period of time the...
Can i get a restraining order specific to being Drunk? alcoholic ex-husband is violent & verbally abusive only when he is drunk.
we have 3 children together whom I'd like to have a relationship with him, but I won't allow him to be around if he's been drinking. He only drinks at night. Even though I told him he is not allowed around when he is drunk, He continues to show up at the house in the middle of the night when he's very drunk because he misses us. During the day he is a good father and acts normal and doesn't act out of line. It would be supervised visits with the kids during the day.
This is very sad. But no, there is no such thing as an alcohol-only OFP. You could take him to family court and have...
How long does a warrant last for probation violation. And will the exidit me from a state across the U.S.
i cant afford the breathalizer and i have to pay $1100 by the date they gave me. If i dont they said they will put an arrest warrant out for me and bring up new charges.
Hello there, You need to bring this situation to the attention of your attorney, because someone needs to inform the...
Parole violation and new DUI charges?
Would i still be in violation of my parole even if new DUI charges get dropped? And if so, which violation could it be? I was not driving. Even though I said I was, I have 2 witnesses that will testify that I wasn't. Was arrested for it anyway and was asked to do a breathalyzer and field test. Failed both. Did a year for multiple DUI's, on parole now, getting charged with new DUI case.
It is still possible to violate parole if the charge is dismissed. Likely an alcohol violation....you should consult...
Would I be able to get limited license with a 2 DUI so I can drive to work
I haven't been to court yet on 2nd offense, and I might not be convicted of the charge cause of circumstance in which I was charged
You can if you comply with the requirements of the ignition interlock program in Minnesota. You can find the documents...
Can I file DUI fines in a chapter 13 so I can keep vehicle and license?
Have a impound fee of $400 , behind on car note 3months approx .1,000 ,credit card debt $500 and few other items of debt worth 1,000 approx. together
You can file a petition for relief under chapter 13 and you must list all debt. However, the automatic stay stops...