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Can you be charged with a different crime after being convicted already for the same situation
My husband was in an accident our dog could drive better or so she thought he was convicted of innatentive driving now they are chargeing him with a dui is this legal? We are in idaho
could be double jeopardy. Hire a lawyer.
Good Morning, to whom it may help me, I had received a dui, on December of 2013, no arrest were made, No alcohol,
I had given blood, cam back positive for medications prescribed for the treatment of PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis and major depressive disorder, the problems were from my involvement in the Iraq war, life after two many deployments really had an effect on me, I spent ten days in jail, the dui was for meds to help me, alcohol was not a factor, the judge has imposed that I use an interlock device, when no alcohol was found, how do I fight this
While I'm not an Idaho attorney, I can tell you that the interlock requirement is statutorily mandated if you have a...
Do the police have to give you a breathalyzer test once you get into the station on a dui arrest?
My friend was pulled over and went to jail for a dui, they did the breathalyzer in the squad car but they did not give her one in the station. As far as I have read, the field sobriety tests and breathalyzers are just to get the person into the station where they are supposed to administer another breathalyzer. Is this true? Or can they convict you solely based on the results of the field administered breathalyzer?
Generally, the field administered breathalyzer is not admissible as evidence in a criminal DUI proceeding. A person...
My dog got shot on person lawn while it was running across it. the person was shooting drunk.
it was the person property but isn't there laws about shooting drunk please help me i want justice for my dog. please anything will do.
Call the cops. That's as much as you can do. IF you sue, all you can sue for is for how much the dog costs to replace.
Is the lifetime suspension of a CDL after a second dui absolute? How about a deferred judgement on a second dui?
Can a deferred judgement on a second dui affect a lifetime CDL suspension? I pose this question in reference to the State of Idaho but I am also interested how other states in the country deal with this.
In California & WA, a second DUI conviction or DMV loss will trigger the livelong commercial suspension. It's based...
Im 46 now i need my DL back its been over20 years since then.
I believe it was a dui of pills
Find out what you have to do in order to get the DL back. Then do it.
Do I need to file SR22 w/CA if the offense was 3 years ago and I now live in ID?
convicted of DUI in CA in 2012. Never had a CA drivers license, no it wasn't taken away. After my conviction in 2012 I moved back to Idaho. Never filed an SR22, but now my ID drivers license has expired, and they will not issue a new one since I never filed an SR22 in CA. My conviction was over 3 years ago. What do I need to do?
Most states will honor each other's suspensions of driver's license. Therefore, in order to keep your Idaho driver's...