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Can you be charged with a different crime after being convicted already for the same situation
My husband was in an accident our dog could drive better or so she thought he was convicted of innatentive driving now they are chargeing him with a dui is this legal? We are in idaho
could be double jeopardy. Hire a lawyer.
Is the lifetime suspension of a CDL after a second dui absolute? How about a deferred judgement on a second dui?
Can a deferred judgement on a second dui affect a lifetime CDL suspension? I pose this question in reference to the State of Idaho but I am also interested how other states in the country deal with this.
In California & WA, a second DUI conviction or DMV loss will trigger the livelong commercial suspension. It's based...
Do I need to file SR22 w/CA if the offense was 3 years ago and I now live in ID?
convicted of DUI in CA in 2012. Never had a CA drivers license, no it wasn't taken away. After my conviction in 2012 I moved back to Idaho. Never filed an SR22, but now my ID drivers license has expired, and they will not issue a new one since I never filed an SR22 in CA. My conviction was over 3 years ago. What do I need to do?
Most states will honor each other's suspensions of driver's license. Therefore, in order to keep your Idaho driver's...
When your license is not taken, nor were you cited, can a DUI still be charged against you?
I was instructed to go to the hospital or end up in jaiL by the officer. I was taken via ambulance to the hospital. Checked out, and discharged after much check out. Never was there a citation or taking of my license....what does this usually mean?
The State if Idaho considers you Driving Under the Influence (DUI) if you fall under one of these three circumstances:...
1, 2, 3 DUI
My husband got his 1st DUI in 2004, his 2nd in 2008(which was amended to first DUI, and his 3rd in 2010, he was charged with a felony. Shouldn't his 3rd be his 2nd, since his 2nd was amended to his first? He was sentenced to 2 determinate and 6 indeterminate.
Good question. I understand how you think this, but the answer is going to matter on why the second DUI was changed to...
Will my possession of marijuana be dropped if it was found due to an erroneous arrest/tow?
I was pulled over for speeding (67 in a 55). Upon running my license it came up as suspended, and with a requirement of a ignition interlock system. For this reason I was arrested, and my car towed. Upon towing my car the police officer "inventoried" my vehicle and found marijuana. However, my license should have never been suspended. I took care of my DUI charges over a year ago, and Arizona (where my DUI was) already explained it was a computer error that caused my license to be suspended. Because of this I wonder if my marijuana charge could get dropped, as I shouldn't have been in a position where he could search me. A lawyer I contacted is wanting to charge my $1500 because of all the charges, but that doesn't seem proper, as the DUI charges were false and easy to prove.
Unfortunately, the police will be allowed to rely on the information that is reported on their computer. Therfore,...
Was this an appropriate sentence for a first time dui? did my lawyer help at all?
i paid for a lawyer who promised me on consultation that there was a good chance he could get it dropped to a reckless driving charge. when we went to court i got quite a bit more than that $1000 fine, 180 days in jail with 174 suspended, 2 years supervised probation. now i understand i did blow quite high, my bac was a .191. but it seems like my lawyer did nothing to fight for me. just did what the prosecutor asked and then asked for a withheld judgement, and promised i wouldn't do it again. the days leading up to the court appearance i could get no information from him or his office, they wouldn't even tell me what they were working on to help me. after sentencing i asked him if i was going to have to carry an sr22 he told me no. well turns out i have to.
180 jail on a first? We'd have to know about the circumstances surrounding the case. Someone injured? Were you in an...