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Will I be remanded during my arraignment of misdemeanor DUI?
I am on misdemeanor Failure to Appear court probation in another county and was arrested two months ago for misdemeanor DUI in a different county than where my misdemeanor court probation is. The DUI will likely be dropped, but in either case, will the judge remand me if I appear at my arraignment? I was cited and released for the DUI charge the same night I was arrested. Also, if I am convicted (not likely) of the DUI, will OR can the differing probation county violate that probation, and what are the odds?
What are the terms of your probation, and are you compliant with what you have to do? If the terms of the probation...
What will show up on my record in a Livescan in CA after a DUI expungement? Does Livescan show arrests in other states?
I was arrested in Oakland and charged with a DUI. I then had to pay insurance on my license. I got pulled over in Atlanta Georgia and because my insurance payment was late on my CA drivers license, I was arrested in Georgia for driving on a suspended license and spent 26 hours in Atlanta City Jail..truly the worst hours of my life. I am not interviewing with a company I worked for from 2003-2008. Though my DUI in Oakland has been expunged through Alameda courts I do not know what will come up when they Livescan me. I have the job but this is holding me up if the livescan shows two arrests, one for the DUI and one for the event in GA. Help!!
Help??? Nobody here has any control over what shows up on your criminal history. Best thing you can do is request a...
Will I need to take the 18 month dui program?
Hi I got a dui when I was 18, it was dismissed in court and I never took the first offender program but I also did not request a hearing in those first 10 days, i paid 100$ and got my license reinstated. A year ago I got my second dui, this one did not get dismissed, I was convicted and told I had to do a 3 month dui first offender program by the court. I was not eligible to get a restricted license to and from work because of where I sit in the middle of 2 duis or not, my question is will i have to take the 18 month second dui offender program even if the court says I have to do the 3 month? I have to get an h6 from the dmv and I'm afraid my first dui will show up even if it was dismissed in court years ago. Thank you
We need to know whether the 1st DUI arrest was within 10 years of the second. If so, you will have to do the 18 month...
Can anyone help me with getting DUI expunged from my background check? I have two DUI, probation period is over.
I have two DUI on my background and its affecting my employment opportunities. I paid all fines and probation period is over. What is the requirements to get it expunged? How long does it take? What are the costs involved? Both DUIs were in Santa Clara County. I need it removed from my criminal background. Both were misdemeanors. It has been 3yrs since the 2nd DUI. Does getting expunged really work? I saw many ads and sites that promise amazing things about helping with getting it expunged. Does it really work? Is it worth it? What is the right price to pay for such service? What is the eligibility requirements to get it expunged? Please help.
You are eligible if you completed probation and don't have a new charge. It takes up to three months, usually less....
Can violating cvc 23153(a) and cvc 23153(b) with minor injury be a felony?
I was drunk and stupid and now I have gotten the charges. I have found out that the other driver suffered from neck sprain and is still complaining of pain. I understand I need a lawyer..... but my question is with the experience that all of you have do you believe this will be a misdemeanor or a felony ? ( I also ran a stop sign which caused the collision)
I have seen it go both ways. What was your BAC? What is your prior criminal history? How old are you? What was the...
Can I drive during a funeral with a restricted license in california?
I was given a restricted license due to tickets for traffic violations
Unless your employment involves driving a hearse, technically NO you cannot drive during a funeral with a restricted...
Am i able to apply for citizenship after dui probation?
i had dui last 2012 and on probation for 3 years. im almost done with my probation can i apply for citizenship now? because i got denied before when i apply last 2012.
I recommend speaking with an immigration lawyer along with the original lawyer that handled your DUI. Good luck to you.