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Will I be remanded during my arraignment of misdemeanor DUI?
I am on misdemeanor Failure to Appear court probation in another county and was arrested two months ago for misdemeanor DUI in a different county than where my misdemeanor court probation is. The DUI will likely be dropped, but in either case, will the judge remand me if I appear at my arraignment? I was cited and released for the DUI charge the same night I was arrested. Also, if I am convicted (not likely) of the DUI, will OR can the differing probation county violate that probation, and what are the odds?
What are the terms of your probation, and are you compliant with what you have to do? If the terms of the probation...
When applying for a job at a dealership with a dui how far back will they check on the driving record?
I am applying for a job and they told me I have points on my driving record, the dui happened in 2010 and it is 2017 now I am getting frustrated on who or what to do to get answers.
Normally employers request the 3 year DMV record because that is how long tickets normally stay on your record....
Took a bac test at work it was positive but had it tested and failed calibration requirements! Can challenge a second site test
Failed a bac test in 2016 did not dispute results. Had return to work by sap representative. Follow up testing the last 8 mo.On 1-9-17 took another test it was .080 but the collector did not smell alcohol or display signs of under the influence. Ask to verify calibration test and it failed.Was taken to a second site by sap representative & collector were a different collector took test with out sap representative present and it was the same model of bac unit it read positive but collector would not check calibration with sap representative in room do I have a wrongful termination. What are my rights to challenge! Revived a letter saying they checked calibration! But it wasn't done after my test with sap representative, collector and my to verify resaults! Iam city employee of San Francisco.
This sounds like an employment question not a DUI question.
If the first test on a bac unite was not in calibration level second test on another bac was denied calibration test
In 2016 failed bac test did not dispute! Had a return to duty and took follow up tests for 8 mo. Last test showed .080 the collectors did smell alcohol or showed signs under the influence. Ask to verify calibration and it failed! Was taken to a second site with same type of unit and it read .035! So I ask calibration test and was denied by secondary test collector and terminated from job! I am a city employee
Hmmm, I'm sure you must have question but I can't figure it out.
How long does alcohol stay in your system.
I had two shots of vodka around 3:30 pm yesterday. I was just told that I have to go have a urine and breath test. I did drink during the weekend. They will probably be testing for pot too. Not worried about that. I've been drinking lots of water and cranberry just. Will I be safe?
Kind of a pointless question since you already did the drinking. You will either pass or you won't. If you fail, you...
Can a homeowner be held liable for a dui accident if they were at said homeowners home drinking prior to the accident?
Every since i was little I can remember my grandmother and my mom would take their guests keys if they were drinking at our home and said the reason why was so they can't be held liable if they were to leave drunk and there was an accident. I know at a licensed establishment the place can't serve anybody intoxicated and has to make sure they get home safely by calling them a cab. At a persons home the same laws don't apply, or do they?
While the alcoholic beverage laws that apply to commercial establishments don't apply to private homes, common law may....
Will my license be suspended definitely if I received a DUI at 16 and now have a citation at 20 for an MIP?
Four years ago I received a DUI which was notched down to a misdemeanor, attended community service, alcohol rehabilitation classes and had a suspended license for 1 year. They told me the DUI would be taken off my record at the time but I recently had a background check and it showed up. A couple months ago I received a citation for purchasing alcohol (I'm 20 yrs old). The cashier did not check my ID and when I was stopped by police on the street they opened my wallet and grabbed an ID I had in it that was not mine and although I didn't use it for the purchase they also gave me a citation for possession of a fake ID. I'm wondering if there's any way I will be able to petition for a restricted license because I work and go to school full time and do not live with my parents or any sort of legal guardian. Basically I'm screwed without my car.
With virtual certainty, your license will be suspended for a full year. Frankly, it doesn't sound like you're ready...