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  • Pickerington: Shoplifting incident leads to addition...

    Jul 19, 2016 | via This Week Community News 

    According to Pickerington Police department incident reports, the woman was arrested at 8:05 p.m. July 6 at a business in the 100 block of Postage Drive after she attempted to leave the store with merchandise for which she had not paid. Police also charged the woman with possession of drug paraphernalia, theft, failure to reinstate an operator's license after suspension, failure to maintain operating vehicle within marked lanes and a license forfeiture.


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Is there any reason my probation for DUI would get extended?
I got a DUI in washington county pennsylvania and started my sentence on 7/6/2010. It was a second offense (got my first in Ohio in 2006) so i served 90 days in jail and have been on compact probation as my probation was transferred back to OH where I live ever since. I have done everything I am supposed to do including my drug and alcohol evaluation and classes. I was put on a fines payment plan and I am current on that. Things were ok until I saw my new P.O. here in oh (it got tansferred between states it is parole not probation) and he said that for any thing they could extend my probation. Even if they (meaning oh Parole) got some paperwork wrong. My max date is Jan 6, 2012. I havent received anything and the P.O in Penn said they were not extending me. do they need a reason?
Under Ohio law, they do need a reason. How it would play out regarding a PA case transferred to Ohio is a complicated...
What happens if i do not report to a court ordered driver intervention program?
I was arrested and charged in early 2015 with my first OVI. My license was suspended for six months. And i was told to do a driver intervention program. I have reinstated my license. I was curious of the penalties if i do not enroll in the driver intervention program
If you were placed on probation, then you have jail time hanging over your head. That could be imposed.
I have a phys/cntrl on my record for a year and a half can it be removed. it says 1st degree misdemeanor..
Sleeping in vehicle and was charged with dui first.
No, there is no way to remove any traffic offense. Ovi, physical control, Driving Under Suspension, even speeding...
I was cited with a DUI last night. Tomorrow is my initial court hearing. What should I do at this initial hearing?
I am 53 years of age and have a clean driving record, with the exception of a "failure to control" citation that I was given last year. This is my first, (and only) DUI. I hit the median in the center of the highway and probably totaled my wife's car. There were no other people or vehicles involved. I took a breathalyzer test and blew a .15. - also I did not have insurance on my wife's car.
You need to go in and plead NOT GUILTY and then consult an attorney ASAP! Find one in your area through AVVO. This is...
I'm an Ohio resident and received a DUI in Maricopa county
I received my first DUI (no other criminal history) back in May of 2015 and received my sentencing in October 2015. I was taken into custody the night of the DUI but was released upon a signature that same night. I've taken the DUI weekend course and paid my fine but no county jail in Ohio will house me for completing my 5 day jail sentence that was ordered. Flying back to AZ isn't an option for me and I do understand that if I don't respond back to the courts that a warrant will be issued but I would like an idea on what my options are at this point or if I were to just ignore this and move on with life, please help!?
Your options are to either go back to Arizona to do your jail time or risk having them issue a warrant for you. I would...
How can u prove knowingly and willingly if the only evidence they have is phone conversation and pictures no drugs
I'm going to court for wire taps but they have no drugs
It's really going to matter what was said then isn't it? Also, there may be other evidence you're simply not yet aware...
What are the penalties if a person gets corrupting another with drugs . And drug trafficking
Ok so this dope dealer got arrested and is being charged with corrupting another with drugs and drug trafficking . The drugs are heroin. Well my sister is dating the dope dealer and is 8 and 1/2 months pregnant by him and there in a relationship, he has been arrested for being involved and corrupting her with drugs . Neither her or the baby survived why isnt he being charged with murder cause he insisted on giving it to her knowing that its gonna kill her cause she was clean and that was his baby, also he didn't do anything to help he just took the cops on a run.
Your questions about charging decision are better posed to the investigators and prosecutors than a group of defense...