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What are my chances of getting a DUI reduced?
Pulled over at 130 am. I didn't do very well on the field sobriety tests. I did refuse the breathalyzer. I cooperated with the officer. What are my chances of having this reduced to reckless driving or dismissed?
Honestly? Low to none. The test was videotaped, most likely. That with the officer saying you appeared drunk is all it...
How can I get my license back faster?
I work about an hour away from my rural home, I am trying to find a place closer to live but with the cost of rides and the fact I am server I am unable to do so, which will cause me to lose my job. I have be deemed as a habitual offender for Driving Under Suspension. It was always a DUS and one case I was charged and arrested close to a week after the date I actually drove. I did my house arrest and shortly after being released lost a job because of driving issues. I have been employed at this job for over a year and desperately want to keep it. Is there anyway I can legally drive a vehicle. I am close to being in another state, and if I was able to drive I would gladly move their and continue to stay with my job.
You can have a lawyer look at your record and convictions, but really you just seem to have a bad habit of not...
Can I be held liable if a customer drinks alcohol in my establishment that they brought themselves?
I would like to host a BYOB sip and paint workshop.
Liable for what? Some things may create liability for you because you promoted the situation that happened. So if one...
My son is out in bond for felony dui, he was arrested for public disorderly and poss of meth. Will he be able to get out?
He's 17 has an 8 month old son does not do meth the cop said he say a crystal substance crushed on his seat
If he gets a bond set. We cannot predict what the magistrate ill think about him, his record, etc. regarding setting a...
Can I get a continence for vop to get a lawyer
Driving offences 3rd
Don't see why not ask the Court. We lawyers are not the Judge and have no idea.
If you got a speeding ticket for going 70 in a 45 and also got a ticket for a dui can you get out of it by double jeapordy
is there a way to do this
No. They are two separate charges.
I was arrested for open container and DUI. wrong address for the arrest.
I was arrested for open container and DUI. On the arrest ticket the officer put down the wrong address for the arrest. I was at a store address and the address on the ticket is for a different location. Please help
The ticket has to be clear enough to put you on notice of what you are charged with. Typographical errors are not...