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I left AZ around 10 years ago due to a felony DUI. I have searched online and canot find anything related to the inncident.
I was charged with a misdemeanor and when I showed up in court it was changed to a felony I have called the maricopa warrant hotline and given them my s.s # and nothing came up. About 5 years ago was jailed on public intoxication in arcadia,ca and released the next morning no charges against me.
OK. Are you asking if the case has been dismissed? If so, what I would do is call several bail bond companies in...
I'm seeking a military veteran to take an equity share of a company that works with homeless veterans for an agg. dui.
I have an agg. dui from Oct. I invested all my monies into a new venture and only have equity. I am an advocate for homeless veterans and suffer PTSD myself. The officer lay in wait and has multiple offenses and cases thrown out of his own.
Thank you for your service to our country. What is your legal question?
Got a DUI, minor accident. Did jail, AAA meetings, paid fine. But didnt pay for damage to other vehicle 30 years ago.
Any statue of limitations? 68 now and would like my license back.
Then you need to pay the restitution. Are you referring to the restitution on the DUI case or a completely separate...
2nd dui, 1st one was 6 1/2 y/ago. This one is aggravated. I am contemplating leaving the state to avoid all of the costs
1 extreme dui 6 1/2 years ago. Never any other arrests.
Why is this latest one "aggravated," and thus, a felony? Did you never get your license reinstated after your first...
Court is requiring me to enter a breathalyzer in vehicle or do 30 days in jail?
I do not own a vehicle. I got my DUI while driving my ex girlfriends car. Now I live close to my job and just walk there. I do not make enough money to buy a running car. The court is requiring me to show proof that I put a breathalyzer in a vehicle or the judge said I need to do 30 days in jail. After I told them I don't have a car they said to buy one or go to jail. They gave me two months to do this and I'm confused, I have never heard of this before. I'm incapable of buying a car right now. Why do they need it done this second, or send me to jail and risk losing my job?
More information is needed as to the court, but sometimes home detention may be available if you don't have a car or...
On probation and got a misdemeanor dui
I'm probation for resisting arrest and recently got a misdemeanor dui. Does this mean when I tell my probation officer I got to jail automatically?
Not necessarily. If you are on probation for a felony your PO will likely file a petition to revoke and have you...
Can a judge sentence me to jail for civil/court fines/fees related to a Misdeamenor DUI in Tolleson,(Maricopa County) Arizona?
I was given a plead for my DUI on 11/2005. I went to jail twice for not paying on this case. The what I thought was the last time I'd see this Judge she said I can no longer go to jail. All the criminal/restitution has been served in jail. If I again fail to pay it is a civil matter. I will never get my license & it would go to collections. I recall paying this in full & even the conversation I had with the clerk. A few years after I went to MVD to get a list of what I need resolved to get my license because I continued to drive on a suspended. I went to those courts & paid again in full & finally got my license. On 06/10/15 I was pulled over, arrested, & sentenced to 20 days for failure to pay a DUI fine. Also, MVD has no record of a conviction & I can't find it in collections anywhere.
You have paid in full, not once, but twice? Take proof of this to a properly set hearing with the judge, or hire an...