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What are the costs to participate in ARD for first time DUI in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
FIrst offense DUI in Pennsylvania. Are court costs the same as program fee? What does the total turn out to be?
It really could vary with total costs and fines being between 850 and 1800. Of course, if you caused damage of any sort...
I have a DUI Is there anything I can do inre to this coming up on my background check as I cannot get a job?
I pled guilty to a DUI ..I had a public defender ..I had 3 charges against me 1. DUI 2. possession (although they were my own prescription and the police went through my handbag illegally) 3. I left the scene of the accidents as I had hit 2 cars. The PD made an agreement w/the DA to drop leaving the scene and possession if I would just plead guilty to the DUI ..I am writing all this info because in hind-site I wish I had not pled guilty and taken my chances but I was afraid to get put on the stand inre: leaving the scene and this was the 1st time I ever had any contact with the law or had ever been in trouble in all my 50 years so if someone else reads this and has to make a decision about pleading guilty, I would advise them to try and borrow funds if they have no monies as in my case as I know if I had a good attorney I could have possibly got found not guilty, hopefully someone reading this can learn from my mistake! I received 6 months non reporting probation and 1 yr license suspension along w/many court costs FOR MY QUESTIONS! 1. I cannot pay my crt costs as I have no income 2. I cannot get a job as all the charges come up on the backgrnd chk
All jurisdictions allow the accused to withdraw their plea of guilty, but there is a strict time limit in which to do...
Suspended for refusal to take breathalyzer in NJ .but my PA licence is still valid I surrenderd a NJ licence will my PA remain v
I got a ten year suspension for a refusal to consent to a breathalyzer test in NJ .I had a license in both state of PA and NJ I surrenderd the NJ licence but my oa licence is still valid when I check with penndot
It will not be for long. PA will suspend you in due course. You really need help at this point.
How long can I expect DUI classes to take? Can I transfer from Colorado?
While in Colorado I was convicted of DWAI. I have priors. Colorado has a lifetime lookback so priors from 12 and 15 years ago count for both sentencing and for DUI class length. If I can move back to PA how long can I expect DUI classes to be? My BAC was 0.09. Also will I be able to transfer the 6 months of classes I already took in Colorado?
You only need to post a question once!!!
What is my best bet to collect unemployment w.dui, be honest fired? resigned? laid off? thank you in advance for any advice
Fired for dui in fleet vehicle high rate, a violation of fleet policy. I came clean once convicted. Boss verbally fired me but I instatntly wrote an email I resigned due to this job contributing to my health. I have struggled with alcoholism and attended both inpatient (after dui) and outpatient rehab (before dui) for my drinking problem. This job definitely contributed to my drinking....taking out clients free booze and unlimited.....quarterly regional conferences open bars meetings where getting hammered was the norm.....and definitely almost pushed upon last slip and first in 7 months since inpatient rehab was at a recent multi-regional meeting in philly where for 10 people 18 pitchers of beer were ordered, many mixed drinks and oh yeah maybe a couple orders of wings...the fact that most teams went to a nice meal and my boss chose a dirty pub to get his team drunk should be noted esp. since he knew I was struggling and attended rehab speaks volumes. I had to be the team player and attend. THe gigantic corp.recently laid off many inside corporate positions in house in jersey where they are based out of. I should mention I was ranked #1.
Think you already asked a question on this. Read the answers that were submitted regarding free consultations.
DUI, probation.
My brother got DUI in 2014. As per court order he was supposed to attend some classes 3 times (3 days). He did, but only 2 times. He paid all fines, but missed one class (one day). Now, he called the court, and they told him everything is ok. Is it possible he has a warrant issued? How can we find out about it? Can he get any documents from the court that he fulfilled his obligations? I know he had a probation officer assigned, should he contact him? I mean, we have no idea if can even drive in PA (we live in NJ). Please help.
Your brothers first call should be to the attorney that represented him in this matter.
What do I legally need to divulge as to best protect myself? I ended up dui .10-.16 drugs were dropped, year license loss.
i am a top ranked sales rep who drives a company car for work. Recently got a dui and came clean Friday 4/8. The occurence occurred on a sunday night in July of last year. I am in PA and my company operates out of NJ. Drinking is encouraged bot with clients and at conferences. My manager often has team dinners at local pubs where the sales rep drink for free and get hammered. I was asked by my manager and HR to submit a police report, my own recollection of events and an explanation of why I did not report within 24 hours which they want by Monday. I definitely do not want to divulge the entire police report because it is incriminating, (I had an open container in company vehicle, drugs wer involved but prescribed legally (a muscle relaxer for injury) and was driving erratically. I want to submit the lead DUI/DUI drugs alcohol combo, but not the probable cause affidavit, because cops write a one sided version of story. I attended outpatient rehab before incident and inpatient after (EAP )....what am I legally required to divulge? Policy does state I was supposed to report within 24 hrs. and need to submit police report and I believe I signed off on this at some point.
The main thing is you have a great job a job that may have contributed to your situation. Focus is on keeping your job