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dui feb 2 2014 had a hearing 03 6 2014 was not taken to court. judge reviewed and continued. Another court date April 4 2014 . Want to know if test is back. is there any way to find out if test is complete.
I would contact your attorney. Many times I am able to get the blood results FAXED to me or given verbally prior to...
PA has not said anything about an interlock device, or the DUI at all. Now my contact from IDRC has told me that I'm currently no longer on the revoked list, and that I can pay a 100 dollar restoration fee online. If I pay this fee online, and have no need to physically restore my license with the DMV (since I'm a licensed PA driver) do I still need to place the interlock on my vehicle?
Yes because NJ will suspend your license and driving abilities in NJ and will report to PA.
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime other than a minor traffic violation? A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment factors such as job relations; age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of violation and rehabilitation will be taken into account.
Based upon the recited question on the application the answer is unquestionably NO. You participation in the ARD...
Lyons VAMC for 19 months. After my treatment a judge sent me to prison for 14 months for the 3rd DUI and I did 1 month for the 4th. The DMV report said that I am not eligible to get my license back until 2023. I've been clean since Nov. 30, 2009. Can anything be done to get my license sooner?
The answer to your question will most effectively and reliably come from an attorney who is experienced with licensing...
I received 15 weekends in jail in Philadelphia for my second DUI. I want to know what time to report on Fridays and what time I would get done on Sundays.
You should ask your lawyer this question. Undoubtedly the judge said what time you are to report by each weekend and...
I have another DUI in another state in the past ten years. I was was offered a plea deal that it would be charged as a first offense and they showed me the chart with the three days minimum. The judge agreed and it was entered into record. I am concerned this could change as I could not get a Philadelphia DUI attorney to contact me back after a few attempts I was given a public defender. The judge took two phone calls and walked out the room most of the time it was being talked about. Please help my life, new job and my family would be changed significantly if I go to jail for ninety days.
Sorry, but if you have an attorney, we are ethically prohibited from discussing the merits of your case with you. Your...
I have a few questions. 1st, do Pennsylvania bench warrants have to be re-issued after a certain amount of time for misdemeanor charges? I have a 10 year old DUI charge and am wondering if there is a possibility it hasn't been re-issued? Also if it isn't and I turn myself in is there any chance that the charges will be dropped due to the time frame and possible lack of evidence? There was no blood test as I refused to take it, so the only evidence would be the officers testimony and dash cam from field sobriety tests? I don't know if this makes any difference but the arrest was by State Police. Any help is much appreciated
The short answer is no, your bench warrant will not expire. After a time, I believe the prosecuting agency could elect...