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DUI- PA Insurance Department Producer's License
I recently plead guilty to a general impairment DUI but have not been sentenced yet. Unfortunately, I was under the impression that I had to report a conviction to the insurance department. I recently found out that I have to inform them within 30 days of being charged. I also have not told my employer yet. What's my best course of action now? Questions: Are they likely to revoke my license? Should I tell them within 30 days of sentencing and tell them that's what I thought I was supposed to do? Should I tell them at the next newal which is in 2018? Not tell them at all and hope they don't find it? Will they inform my employer? Thanks for your help. What a nightmare!
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Was convicted of a sex crime 2012, did 4 yrs.,just released took a polygragh test ,came back "no deception" ,what do I do now?
falsely accused of a crime ,spent 4 yrs. locked up I just recently paid to have a polygragh test ,results came back "no deception",discharged from so program, still have 20 months of probation left and my name is on the regertrisy .how do I get my name off and my life back?
The polygraph means nothing. Waste of money. They are notoriously unreliable and therefore inadmissible in court...
Is a statement made under the influence admissible in court?
I was arrested for driving under the influence, however, I was not in the car at the time of arrest. My car had a popped tire so I walked a quarter of a mile to a convenient store to get assistance. I was unquestionably intoxicated and was taken into custody. I admitted to have been driving, however, seeing as I was under the influence at the time of my statement, is that admissible in court without any actual evidence of being the driver?
There is no general rule that makes statements and admissions made while under the influence inadmissible. It is...
DUI Charge- Completed 72 hours, paid fines , did counseling, case closed but Penndot stated license still suspended
DUI Charge cases closed Penndot stated have to serve suspension due to no information or documentation
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D.u.i stop if i beat the case can i still gey a traffic ticket
I got stopped at a wendys drive thur he walked up and said wendys called them n took me out the car n i when to the stations n took a breath test got locked up but havent gave a ticket when i bailed out this the 3rd court date am n blood court but then didnt take blood Can they give me a driving on a invaild license if i beat my d.u.i case if the stop was cause wendys called them but wendys not showing up nor the cop
Technically it is possible that you could be cited even if the DUI charges are dismissed. However, traffic citations...
Can I collect unemployment benefits?
I was giving a drug test from my employer which I failed. The drug test was giving two weeks after I gotten into a altercation with my manager. I wasn't caught high on the job, it was just something I did to simmer down stress. However, my manager lied and told HR I was high. She never sent me home I was working every day after that until I was accused. I was denied benifits. Should I appeal?
These issues are a bit tricky. Essentially, the employer needs to have a clear policy prohibiting drug use and an...
I got convicted of a second dui in Pennsylvania but it was over the 10year look back period
The judge covicted me under the first time offender because it was past 10 years with 3days in jail 1000 dollars in fines 6month probation a year suspension and all the classes not once stating anything about a interlock device now i get my restoration letter and its stating an interlock can penndot do this
Unfortunately, the ignition interlock requirement is not limited by time. If you had a prior DUI, no matter how long...