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Is a previous DUI reasonable suspicion?
Almost 2 years ago an officer pulled me over and charged me with a DUI. I received A.R.D. This Friday July 1st. Around 12:45-1:15 am I was on my way to work. I pulled up to the stop sign and came to a complete stop. I started looking in my passenger seat for my wallet. After (5-10 secs) I found my wallet, I prepare to pull off I notice lights coming my way. I pull out and see a state trooper. He does a U-turn and immediately pulls me over. This is the same trooper who pulled me over before. He walks to my car stating I did not stop at the stop sign. starts to ask for my documents I turn to see him and suddenly we recognize each other. He immediately says my eyes are red(they weren't) tells me to get out of the car and do field tests, searches my car, and then lets me go. I am worried I will see this officer again and be harassed. Can he pull me over because of my previous DUI as 'reasonable suspicion'? EVEN if it was A.R.D and "Never happened". If I feel I may be harassed should I write an unopened letter to myself or post on forums to bring to court if I do need to take it that route? Stating I feel threatened and believe I will be targeted.
Previous DUI is not reasonable suspicion, but the claim you had red eyes is. Whether you did or not is within the...
Will an ARD other than DUI/DWI effect granting a green card for my spouse?
A recieving stolen property arrest was warranted against my spouse for using lost gift cards belonging to another person. The case is opened (preliminary) with hearsay and evidence of us using the green cards. It was agreed with the now retired detective from the beginning to satisfy the case with a motion file 586. Now however, the new detective will not contact the plaintiff to satisfy arbitration. ARD was the consutation's advice, however she is in an extension of green card application because of the length of this matter. Will a court satisfaction of ARD immediately allow her green card to be accepted??
There is not enough information to answer and you must show it to an immigration attorney.
Is my employer allowed to force me into the EAP and counseling for getting injured while intoxicated but not at work?
While not at work on a Saturday, I drank too much and fell. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a mild concussion, laceration to the head, and alcohol intoxication. Upon returning to work the following Monday, I reported to my supervisor what happened and he proceeded to contact my company's medical department. I was then told to leave work and to visit my physician to clear me for work. I also needed to fax the discharge papers from the hospital to the medical department at work upon returning to work. A few days later I received a phone call from the head nurse stating she noticed alcohol intoxication and that she needed me to talk to someone in the employee assistance program. After talking to the person from EAP, she needed me to speak to a Substance Abuse Professional. After I spoke to him, he required 3 things for successful completion of program. They included 4 outpatient sessions with another counselor, breathalyzer upon returning to work, and random drug testing for the next 5 years. My legal questions are did my employer have the right to force me into the EAP and does that violate the legalities of the ADA. Also, I am not an alcoholic or declare I was.
I am moving this to employment law for you.
What are the costs to participate in ARD for first time DUI in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
FIrst offense DUI in Pennsylvania. Are court costs the same as program fee? What does the total turn out to be?
It really could vary with total costs and fines being between 850 and 1800. Of course, if you caused damage of any sort...
I have a DUI Is there anything I can do inre to this coming up on my background check as I cannot get a job?
I pled guilty to a DUI ..I had a public defender ..I had 3 charges against me 1. DUI 2. possession (although they were my own prescription and the police went through my handbag illegally) 3. I left the scene of the accidents as I had hit 2 cars. The PD made an agreement w/the DA to drop leaving the scene and possession if I would just plead guilty to the DUI ..I am writing all this info because in hind-site I wish I had not pled guilty and taken my chances but I was afraid to get put on the stand inre: leaving the scene and this was the 1st time I ever had any contact with the law or had ever been in trouble in all my 50 years so if someone else reads this and has to make a decision about pleading guilty, I would advise them to try and borrow funds if they have no monies as in my case as I know if I had a good attorney I could have possibly got found not guilty, hopefully someone reading this can learn from my mistake! I received 6 months non reporting probation and 1 yr license suspension along w/many court costs FOR MY QUESTIONS! 1. I cannot pay my crt costs as I have no income 2. I cannot get a job as all the charges come up on the backgrnd chk
All jurisdictions allow the accused to withdraw their plea of guilty, but there is a strict time limit in which to do...
Suspended for refusal to take breathalyzer in NJ .but my PA licence is still valid I surrenderd a NJ licence will my PA remain v
I got a ten year suspension for a refusal to consent to a breathalyzer test in NJ .I had a license in both state of PA and NJ I surrenderd the NJ licence but my oa licence is still valid when I check with penndot
It will not be for long. PA will suspend you in due course. You really need help at this point.
How long can I expect DUI classes to take? Can I transfer from Colorado?
While in Colorado I was convicted of DWAI. I have priors. Colorado has a lifetime lookback so priors from 12 and 15 years ago count for both sentencing and for DUI class length. If I can move back to PA how long can I expect DUI classes to be? My BAC was 0.09. Also will I be able to transfer the 6 months of classes I already took in Colorado?
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