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Unable to appear in court in another state
I have a upcoming trial for a DUI in Texas that I got while visiting there two years ago. I currently live in Pennsylvania and have a suspended drivers lives me so driving to texas is not an option. I also have limited funds and cannot afford a plane ticket. I have a public defender. What are my options if I have no physical means of appearing in court. Can I be represented from out of state? Thank you.
Many states do allow a waiver of appearance when you have a local attorney (less likely for a trial however). What...
I was working as an RN I just found out my license was put on probation for failure to report med error until 24hr later.
Can I still work as RN at current place while on probation?
This question is not a "DUI" question, so I suggest that you review the rather long list of choices for Practice Area...
What may happen to my son who violated his probation for DUI by drinking beer with friends ?
He was 1 and 1/2 years into a 5 yr probation for a second DUI (he is 23) when he decided to go to the annual picnic at the park where he and his friends had had some beer to drink as well as some marijuana.. The ranger noticed the cans and was getting ready to give them a warning and while they were getting the camp cleared up my son left (out of fear I am sure). The ranger noticed he was missing and his friends wouldn't reveal his name to ranger so he threatened to arrest them too. They revealed his name and he called my son and told him to come back,. He was taken to jail directly . He has paid his fines and has a job and has been compliant however with this new development does he need a lawyer ? He used a public defender before
It seems odd that he was taken directly to jail. It could not have been for violating the probation because the PO...
What happens if you dont complete ard
will i go to jail
It depends on what the reason is and whether you will be given a second chance to comply. I implore you to do what you...
If you get expunged for a dui will this clear you to retain a CDL license?
in order to retain your job and to continue to drive truck for a living.
I am not sure if you are asking of you can get your CDL back after the suspension or if you can keep it. Even if you...
PA license suspension for possession of alcohol under 21 - hold an out of state license
I hold a NJ license, however my driving privileges in PA are being suspended for 90 days for possessing alcohol in my dorm, and being only 20 I was charged as a minor. I am currently in the ARD Program for first time offenders to expunge the charges I received, however I still received a license suspension from PennDOT. I'd like to know more about if I am able to appeal this suspension in any way to avoid the suspension. Or if I am able to appeal while being in ARD.... I live in NJ along the PA border and frequently bring my terminally ill mother awaiting a transplant to doctor's appointments in Philly, as I am her current caretaker and no one else is able to drive her. I will also need to drive back to school in the fall while it is still suspended or if I were to receive the call my mother was receiving her transplant and I needed to drive home.... This is very critical and I appreciate any help.
It sounds like you should've taken action a lot sooner with regard to this issue. Unfortunately, with an out-of-state...
DO I waive my preliminary hearing first or do I send my ard application then wait for it be acccepted. Then waive my hearing?
First time offense for dui in centre county (state college) with limited prior criminal record (public urination and speeding ticket)/
Every county is different, but traditionally you submit your ARD application either at the Preliminary Hearing or...