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My name is Darren Smiley I'm 49 years old I'm from philadelphia ,ms I'm alcohol free for 13 years all I want to do is get that felony expunged from my records
Felony DUI convictions can not be expunged
I took a breathalyzer test and it read insufficent but i was charged with refusal
An insufficient reading means that the breath machine failed to register a useable/readable breath sample. The police...
I have a 2nd DUI traffic ticket and a no driver license traffic ticket
In most states, the fact that you refused the test can be shared with the jury at trial, making it look like you must...
I was convicted of a DWI 1st offense over a year ago. I paid the entire fine upfront and was placed on 6 months probation, in which I was ordered to complete a MASEP class series. I live out of state and was unable to attend the MASEP classes due to traveling for work. I did keep in touch and pay my probation officer well over 6 months. Also, the DWI offense NEVER showed up on my driving record. A few months after conviction, I got my license changed to Louisiana license. Is there any option to get out of going to MASEP classes. My probation officer informed me last month that a bench warrant would be issued if I had not completed the MASEP classes by April, of which I have not done.
MASEP and victims impact are required.
I know there is a 30 day minimum period, but how soon after it ends can I get the hardship license? Does it take the court forever to approve the application?
I would contact an attorney to help you with your case. This is a very serious issue regarding your driving abilities....
I was arrested and charged for DUI-other at a check point. Despite having my prescription on me, the arresting officer accused me of abusing my medications (even though the package contained a nearly full amount of medicine and less than two days worth of the medicine had been taken since filling the script two days before.). I refused to take a sobriety test and was arrested upon invoking my 4th amendment rights when they asked to search my vehicle. Also I was denied legal counsel when I asked for a lawyer upon initial questioning and again when I was requested to take a blood test, which I also refused. I was never informed whether a refusal would violate implied consent or not. That being said, do I have a chance of beating this DUI-other?
The answer is maybe. You need to consult an experienced DUI attorney in your area immediately. They will conduct an...
My boy friend was just arrested for 3 contempt of court warrants for not going to court on a 2nd, 2nd dui. He can not be bonded. it is a 4100 cash bond. When he gos to court what could happen to him? is there any chance of no jail time and just pay the fines? and is it worth getting a lawyer?
IF he is convicted of DUI 2nd, he will have to serve some jail time. It is mandatory for that offense. I think the...