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In my situation my Court Referral Officer made me go to an intensive outpatient rehab directly after i just got out of 4 months of inpatient, until she called. The judge granted it since I had failed my first drug test for her when I showed up although I was not told by the courts during my dui hearing that I had to attend court referral upon getting out. Since then I have failed a couple of drug tests for marijuanna, but it has done been past that 9 month period I was supposed to be on it. I also think my cro has been wrongly filing drug test outcomes as failed instead of them being passed of course. I know this is not probation, but this has stilled caused me to lose out on job oppertunities too. -I live in Columbus, Ga. How can I get out from underneath this??
Until you get clean you will continue to have problems with the law
I was asleep in the car behind my job where I had parked earlier that evening. I hit a wooden fence that was in front of my car. Car was on when police arrived. I was in drivers seat.
There is a lot here that needs to be answered. Did you blow, what was the reading? Did you perform any field sobriety...
this is in lee county alabama, the charge was a "super dui" i belive he called it and open container, i have been going to see probation, that costs 50 a month and has been all i could pay
The trial court has the legal authority to order you incarcerated for willful failure to pay a fine and/or court costs....
I got a citation for a minor in possession of alcohol last night and the officer wrote the wrong address on the ticket. He wrote that I was drinking a beer in front of apartment 36 in my complex, but my complex doesn't have an apartment 36. It was actually apartment 1035. Does this affect the ticket in any way or do I still have to pay it?
It will make no difference whatsoever. This is simply called "scrivener error" and the fact that a wrong address, wrong...
Birth Certificate in Court Method 1 A few of us figured out (by the grace of God) that they are only wanting to charge some bogus bonds they are hiding, to your federal account and they only need our bond and/or permission to do the discharge.
I hope someone licensed in your state will be able to make sense of what you posted here; I can't at all. Sorry.
after an arrest for public intoxication, i was taken to jail and after surrendering my personal property at the jail, my wallet was searched and a false ID was found. I was then charged with possession of a forged instrument. I was not read my rights at any time and I was not disturbing anyone when I was asked if I had been drinking as I stood outside of a local bar. I am 18.
Yes, a wallent can be searched upon entry to a jail or correctional facility. There are no Fourth Amendment protections...
I haven't turned in community service and I have a ticket that's not paid. Will I go to jail
Shape up and follow through with the terms and conditions of the probation to make sure you do not go to prison. A...