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  • Citizens pack into a meeting discussing the results ...

    Wednesday Nov 29 | via KXAN-TV Austin 

    Following a six-week, multi-agency initiative to track and curb crime in the Wells Branch area, law enforcement say the rates of some serious crimes are declining. The Travis County Sheriff's Office, Williamson County law enforcement, Pflugerville Police, Austin Police and the Department of Public Safety all collaborated in this effort and presented the results of their initiative at a packed community meeting Monday.


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  • Suspects arrested after home invasion, armed robbery

    Tuesday Nov 28 | via Santa Fe New Mexican 

    Sheriff's deputies arrested three suspects in connection with a northern Santa Fe County home invasion and armed robbery in which a Texas man tied the residents' hands at gunpoint and made off with cash and other valuables, Sheriff Robert Garcia said in a news release Tuesday. Before noon Monday, a Santa Cruz woman awoke to the sound of the back door of her Santa Cruz residence being kicked in, the statement said.


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Pflugerville Law

Can a domestic violence case be dropped if the victim was drunk and didnt exactly know what happened?
Boyfriend and I were arguing but we were both drunk and it got out of hand, i called the cops and told them what i believed was happening but i think i over exagerrated what happened because i was drunk the night I called them. Can I call the DA and explain that? What will happen?
Probably best to get in contact with his attorney and see if an affidavit of non-prosecution can be filed. Not a good...
How long do you think my boyfriend could be locked up for a 3rd degree felony assault charge even if he was intoxicated?
Me and boyfriend fought and it got physical but he was drunk and I knew it, and I know he didn't mean anything he was saying but he got physical and out of anger I called the cops, I instantly regret it and I want to drop charges and just have our life back to normal, I didn't tell the police he was drunk because he is underage by 1 year and I just didn't want to cause anymore trouble on him. I feel like I made a mistake and I regret calling the police on him, I just want the charges dropped and is that possible during a Domestic assault case? How does the court systems in Texas usually handle domestic violence cases? Right now he's facing 3rd degree felony charge and they don't know he was intoxicated when it happened. could the court dismiss the case because he was intoxicated and make him take rehab or anger management?
if it was a third degree that means he was impeding breath. You may love him, but what happens the next time he gets...
Can I potentially get a DWI if no arrest was made and there was no police report, just a dispatch report?
I was found asleep in parking lot of hotel by guest who called 911- and EMS took me to hospital after I told them that I felt that I had been assaulted (no idea how I got to complex). My BAC was tested at hospital and it was way over legal limit. Since my memory is blurry, I do not know if police arrived at scene first and released me to EMS. Have called police department to see if there is investigation, and was told that there's no report, just a case/dispatch number indicating that they were sent to hotel to check it out. I spent night in hospital and left the next day-my car was not towed.
It sounds as though no criminal charge is being filed. For your peace of mind it may be worthwhile to retain criminal...
My question concerns Adult name change with DWI conviction in Travis County, Texas.
I received a DWI Conviction in October 2012 and was discharged from probation January 2014. My issue deals specifically with Sec. 45.103. of the family code. My inquiry is quite simple....May I get a name change post haste or must I wait until 2 years from my date of discharge from probation? Thank you for your assistance.
I see no one has answered your question on Avvo. Consider contacting a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation....
ETG testing - does Travis county use these tests for first time DWIs?
Anyone know the answer? No preaching, I know I'm suppose to abstain, just an answer, please.
i don't know if they use it, but I think they can if they want to. They use testing methods that they consider to be...
What does "no reportable tests" mean.
Had a blood draw for alcohol after an accident in CA. Officer did not list what my breathalyzer results were. It happened New Years Eve. My last drink was 4 hours before the accident occurred.
You need to post your query in a California forum, not Texas.
What are my consequences most likely going to be?
I blew positive for alcohol with my soberlink device...I'm going to court still and out on bond and dealing with a pretrial alcohol monitoring officer. My charge is a dwi3rd or more but I was not driving and refused all tests and have not been convicted yet. My mom went to have a lung biopsy and it collapsed her lung and after being at the hospital with her all nite I came home around 4am and had a glass of wine and then blew a positive test at 745am and after that tried rinsing my mouth out by using mouthwash and it just made it worse.I've tried to contact my pretrial officer but she has not returned my phone calls...I need to know if I shouldbe worried about my bond being revoked?
Yes you should be worried. You should have an attorney already and need to be discussing this with him. If you haven't...