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Is there a wavier to the Ignition Interlock device in NC? If so what is the form number and how do I file it?
My son has completed the classes he needs to get his license back and has a fine to pay but he owns no vehicle and will be driving our company vehicles. such a device can not be placed in the three vehicles he will be driving from time to time.
Your son would have to qualify and on these facts you provide no detail about how he thinks he does quality
I am automatically guilty of a dui in Mississippi for refusal to blow. I don't have the money to return and face court yet.
I returned to North Carolina Oct 2012. Went to Detox. Entered a halfway house treatment facility three months Jan 2013. Within that time attended treatment counseling for PTS and attended AA meeting signed by chairpersons. I've just found a decent job. Court is very important. However I need time to find an (ADSAP or MASEP) program that will satisfy the court and pay the fines for my convictions while also being homeless with two teenage children living here and there (I've informed the court of my every move). Now I need to take care of this situation so that my bail bondsman doesn't have a reason to put me into jail and the courts won't take my children as I see now how much I have given up for this and am trying to take the necessary steps to rebuild my life. Please Advise?
You've obvious got a lot going on here, and just as much or more at stake. As a result, I strongly suggest that you...
Should I move and get a California license before I'm convicted of my DWI in North Carolina?
I'm planning to move to California in the next month or two and need to decide what to do about my DUI in North Carolina. I can have my attorney continue the case to give me more time or plead guilty and be convicted. Under NC DUI law my license will be revoked for a year, although my attorney can get me driving privileges for that time period. However, under CA law a first offense DUI only results in a 30 day license suspension as long as the offender takes a DUI class. If I move and get my CA license before I'm convicted, will I only lose my license for 30 days? If that's not possible, will my NC driving privileges be valid in California?
Your punishment is determined by the law of the place of occurrence, not the law of the state of issuance. If you...
How do I know my probation is up?
I am on probation for dui and my court date was March 10th last year. I have paid all my fees and went to my driver safety class but I'm out of state so I don't meet with anyone and it's really hard to get ahold of my probation officer. It was in Pennsylvania if that helps. I'm I off probation now because it's past the date?
Have you called the lawyer who represented you there to ask If not, that's the best place to start. Have you...
Should i have a lawyer at my dmv hearing?
i have a hearin april 12th and the DMV told me it was 2 phase and im not sure what that means, I have 2 DUI's in the last 7 years, was told I would have to have interlock, but my convictions were with prescription meds, not alcohol.
With 2 DWI's in a 7-year period, you will be required to have an interlock installed regardless whether the impairing...
Should i take a lawyer for a DMV hearing
I have 2 DUI's and my license were taken away in 2013 and I can go for a hearing this month to try and get them back. They said I would need to get the blow and go for the next 3 years, but I got my DUI from prescription and not alcohol, so do I have to have the blow and go?
It is always better to have a lawyer than not. You should contact an attorney in NC without delay. You can use the "...
How do I handle this situation with Monitech
My wife was convicted of a DWI six years ago. We are just now getting to the end of our first year with the Monitech ignition interlock system. She had a fail back in May of last year and just found out her license has been suspended again. On top of that the tail light in her new car went out. I tried to replace the bulb but it didn't work. So I took the car to the dealership. The mechanics noticed the monitech wiring right away. Come to find out the technicians from Monitech screwed up the wiring to my tail lights. Now the dealer wants to fix it but it could be very costly with labor. I feel that Monitech is absolutely responsible and should fix or pay to fix my cars light.
Try to talk with Monitech about paying for the labor since their faulty wiring was what caused the problem. If they...