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IF you took a plea bargain and than discovered that the Blood sample was miss handled by the sheriff. Is there any recourse?
I got a dui in august 2014 took a plea bargain on October 20 2015 , after the court date I found out that my blood sample was miss handled before being tested. I had a lawyer but she never investigated the handling of the sample and told me that the bargain I was offered was as good as I could get .
It is extremely difficult to withdraw a plea after you have been sentenced. So, have you been sentenced yet? If the...
What will my punishment be roughly
I have had my license for 22 days and got Cought speeding at 3 am ( after cerfew) With a minor in the car, going about 101 in a 65. I am hoping to be able to keep my license, because I have to get to school and sports every day and my parents are not driving me. What do you think my options/ punishment will be.
My advice is to ask your parents to warm up the wagon.
I'm international student and I just got DUI charge, what should I do?
This happened on Saturday dawn (colorado Springs) I lost control of my car and hit the tree on the side There were no injuries or hitting other's car Police officer said I hit the sign but I didn't seen any sign on the scene Police officer didn't take my licence and I didn't go to jail at all they just took my blood and let me go I got court date on 9/29/2016 I have to go back to my home country on July and be back on August... What do you suggest to do Is there going to be problem entering country? Should I get attorney or lawyer for this situation? I have no idea what should I do I'm so depressed... please help me
You need to hire a private criminal defense attorney for this matter.
Trying to revoke deferred sentence, Can I take paperwork in at anytime or do I need to wait for the court date?
I had a DUI last year and it was a first offence of any kind... I got a deferred sentence. I just reserved a letter stating that I had a hearing to revoke my deferred sentence for failing to do 42 hours of therapy. I had the paper work showing I completed the 42 hours. Can I just take this down to the court house or do I have to wait until the court date?
If you have a hearing scheduled, that is when the court will look at your evidence. You would be wise to speak with a...
I got a DUI last night and my car was impounded, what do I need to do?
I got a DUI last night and my car was impounded, what do I need to do?
Go get your car out of impound. Check to make sure all your property is still in your car as you left it. If you...
Is there a way I can take responsibility for my container after the fact?
My closest friend took responsibility for my open container. At the time I was too intoxicated to know what was going on (we were both passengers). He got a ticket which he paid promptly. However, today he received a notice telling him he would now have to wait even longer to get his license back. He was charged with a DUI in the past and was still trying to fix that at the time of this current incident. I'd like to figure out a way to take fault and admit it was mine so he can get his license and get back to work. I am worried if I step in and admit my fault that it will make things worse.
No. Claiming the container after your friend pled guilty and paid the ticket will not help him.
Does a DUI on a military installation show up on a normal background check as a felony or misdemeanor?
I'm completing a form for a background check and one of the questions of course is have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. I'm a soldier who received a DUI on a military installation, and I was wondering if that qualifies as a misdemeanor or felony? I don't mind putting it on there, I just don't want to if I don't have to.
Unclear whether this was nonjudicial or judicial (court-martial)