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Can my probation officer make me take a drug test?
I'm on state probation for no drug related charge and have no drug history or passed charges
Basically, probation can do what they want. Check the papers you received when you signed up. Contact the attorney...
Is there a statue of limitation on a DUI in NJ?
Lost my license being stupid with a whole bunch of DUIs and driving while suspended. I have cleaned up my Act and don't drink anymore so I'm trying to get my license back in NJ and this question involves a court that I never showed up for like 11 years ago just want to know if I can get it dismissed
So, statute of limitations refers to how long a police officer or prosecutor can wait between the crime and the...
DUI in another state(not living in) can I get a restricted licence in the state I live in ?
I have a DUI misdemeanor in Tennessee(2016)(finished) and have what will be a first DUI in another state Georgia(2015) (the court is just now figuring out the judgement.) My Georgia attorney says they will suspend my licence in Georgia and send that info to Tennessee who will view that as a second, but all the penalty will be in Georgia. My question is for my first in Tennessee I was able to get a restricted licence with a breathalyzer(when I got my TN one, the DMV doesn’t tell you about the restricted licence but my attorney knew. Is this a possibly again, with TN view as a second? Is there another way? I just need to drive legally with a TN licence, is this possible?
Not licensed in TN, but in general it will be considered a second DUI and if TN does not allow restricted license for a...
Is it a violation of probation if my license was suspended over failure to provide proof of financial responsiblity?
So i was pulled over in august and charged with a simple drug possesion (class c misdemeanor) and also cited because i didnt have my car insurance on me. I have finished all my court sessions and have been on probation for a couple of months now with no problems so far. But this past week i got a letter saying that my drivers license is being suspended and that i need to surrend it along with my car registration and tags because of failure to provide proof of financial responsibility (which is also a class c msdemeanor i believe). But during court the judge never asked me about my proof of insurance so i figured he had just dropped it and so i never got to show him that i DID have insurance and i just failed to carry it that night. I am already working on getting my licenses reinstated too with the special sr-22 insurance i need now, but im worried because the biggest rule of probation is that you cant break any laws or its considered a violation. So since a conviction of failure to provide proof of financial responsibilty is a class c misdemeanor in Tennessee, did i just accidentally violate probation? If i did, what happens now? And could i possibly fight it in court?
It sounds more like you simply pled guilty to all charges before the Court without regard to what you were pleading...
Can I get a license in Tn after a duI conviction in Ky
I got a duI in Ky. with a Ky. license. Received a 30 say suspension, I have recently moved to Tn. Will I be able to get a license there after the 30 days and completing the Adr courses?
I am an Illinois Attorney, and not versed in specific TN laws regarding driver's license eligibility. Having said that,...
1st offense DUI in TN while on vacation?
I received a 1st offense DUI in TN while on vacation. I live in Florida. I have recently endured financial set backs and cannot afford representation at my approaching court date, but am employed and consequently do not qualify for a public defender. What should I do?
Your best bet is to ask the judge for some additional time to hire an attorney. It will save you money in the long run.
What will happen if i can not do my hours do to an injury ?
i am a minor i have 8 hours for shoplifting, they already pushed back my community service due date by 2 weeks because of my work schedule and sport life but now i have a serious injury and am unable to walk without crutches
Talk to your YSO about this.