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What can I expect from my second DUI conviction in a different county?
I was arrested with a BAC of .21 in humboldt county. I live in LA. I was not provided a ticket and released rather quickly. I have a prior DUI arrest that has not yet gone to trial. I will be hiring a public defender for that arrest as I feel I have grounds to reduce my charge to a wet reckless. This second conviction, however, I am not confident that there will be any way of contesting it.
You don't "hire" a public defender. A public defender is a lawyer who is paid by the government to defend people...
Am I going to be judged on 1st or 2nd offense?
I had a dui in Hawaii in 2007. Paid all fines, did all classes and regained my HI drivers license. Yesterday may/15 I just had another DUI with my CA drivers license. Am I going to be judged on second or first offense? Am I going to jail? Can I drive to work and to take my son to school?
If California finds your Hawaii conviction then this is likely to be your second offense. Your attorney will determine...
I got 2 DUI in one month. What I should do.
I have 2 court for 2 dui, please device
First: QUIT DRINKING. Then, retain the best attorney you can afford. This won't be looked upon kindly by the DA nor...
I have Third DUI convictions (misdemeanor) . Can I get a California Massage Therapist (CMT) License?
I'm thinking of becoming a CMT. I read that the CA massage council requires background check (Live scan fingerprint check) on all applicants. Am I not able to get a license because of my alcohol convictions? Thanks.
A Certified Massage Therapist requires you to have to submit to a background check and LiveScan. You should consult...
When I was arrested for my duid the officer never took my license. Do I have to file a SR.-22 and pay?
This is my first offense with any kind of drugs. My first Dui. I was sleeping in my truck and they woke me up and I freaked out, started my truck up and ran into a bush. I came to when they had me cuffed on the ground. They told me that's what I had done. Then they took me in for a blood test, I didn't refuse. I was very compliant with the arresting officer after the scene of course.
First of all, you should speak with a DUI attorney for a free consultation. You should be able to find a lawyer on...
I blew a .066 but chp added .o2 due to an hour had lapsed and charged me with a dui. Can I beat it?
I was in a car accident and it took chp a little over an hour to get there. I performed several field tests and blew .066 but said due to the time lapse they had to add .02 which put me over the legal limit and I was arrested and charged with misdemeanor dui. I have never heard such a thing, but this is also my first dui. Is there cause to fight for it to be completely dropped with a good lawyer?
That's ridiculous. How did he know if you were going up or coming down? What did you say? (Don't answer that here,...
Can I still reduce my felony DUI to a misdemeanor if I had probation violations?
I got a felony DUI back in 2002, with no injuries or accident. I was sentenced to 5 years of felony probation. While on probation, I had a couple of violations and my probation was revoked and then reinstated to a probation called drug court, which I successfully completed in 2007. Since then, I have had no contact with law-enforcement and am a law-abiding citizen.
Legally speaking, yes you can, however, the judge will likely use the probation violations as a reason to deny the...