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How does someone go about a plea bargain to get probation instead of jail time?
I got a DUI in mn but I'm from Iowa and cannot afford defense. I just want to know the steps and how.
You will need to appear in court on the date specifice in MN and apply for court-appointed counsel.
For arguments sake lets just say dropped dwi and test refusal charges.. how do i get my vehicle back from forfeiture..??
DWI, Test refusal, refused chemical testing, license restriction violation .vehicle forfeiture. charged 1/19/15. Public defender and prosecutor have both been removed and is now 2/10/2016 All charges except license restriction violation are dropped..discovery still not provided, to date.. Obviously corrupt prosecutor and public defender, collaboration withholding evidence..etc.. What happens to my vehicle..Obviously no advice from former public defender.. lien holding bank was never notified about the forfeiture either..Yet No one will say anything other than "Its a civil matter" The last charge will be dropped or thrown due to spoilage and or evidence tampering.police misconduct , so where is my vehicle and how do i get it back.. who do i sue??
You have 30 days from the time of notice to challenge your driver's license revocation. You have 60 days from the time...
Does the judge has a power to expunge a DWI in Minnesota ?
Is it possible to expunge a Misdemeanor DWI in Minnesota, which occurred 5 years ago and you plead guilty to it. It is the first and the only offense !
The decision whether or not to expunge a criminal conviction is up to the judge. Recent amendments to the law with...
Can you reduce a conviction DWI in Minnesota ?
My friend pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanor DWI five years ago in Minnesota and she is wondering if she can reduce the conviction to reckless driving by persuade the judge ? this was her only and first offense
No but she might try retaining a lawyer to have it expunged altogether
I need some advise if possible on what I need to do to get my license back I live in Minnesota but the dui happened in Illinoi
I have 2 dui convictions they both happened back in 2004 March and April 1 was in Missouri and the other was in Illinois..the one in Illinois is the problem it's not allowing me to get a license in the state I live in now (Minnesota)
Fix Illinois first. Only then will Minnesota allow you to obtain a valid Minnesota driver's license. Call the DMV in...
How likely is it that I will be charged with a DUI after the fact of my minor consumption?
I was sitting in my car at a gas station when two police officers pulled up. They said they were told two young girls appeared to be drinking. My friend and I both received underage consumption tickets and we walked home. I'm worried they might try to charge me with a DUI, but they never said anything about being in my car. Is it likely that they will upon paying my minor consumption ticket? The ticket itself had to be mailed to me and my vehicle is listed on it, but not my BAC level and it only says alcohol consumption by person under 21.
No. If you haven't already been charged with DWI, it's highly unlikely that you will now. However, I could see the...
How do I go about this scenario? I have no driving record on me and I blew .1 when leagal is .08
I got booked and released in 45 min tonight for my first DUI offense. What should I expect? Also, on the citation I was given, he has all of the information completely wrong. It's not even my name on the citation! It was the person picking me up that was listed. Is that even right? I just don't know what to expect.
Blowing .1 is above the legal limit. Or did you mean .01?. You go about this scenario by hiring a dui attorney in your...