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Today is my court hiring on a second dui charge. I do not know what to plead because I havn't talk to a lawyer yet. help?
fell asleep at the light . Nones was hurt . Did not take a breathlizer .
Dear Petersburg - I suggest that you get a local lawyer who has experience in the DUI arena. I wish you well and hope...
For a dwi how many times I have too go to court?
For a dwi I had my arraigment wesday August 13,2014 n my court day is oct 15,2015 will this be my last day going too court or will it be more court days I go too court in prince George
The number of times you appear in court depends on how you handle the case, and also on factors that are beyond your...
Did t change the law now when it come too dwi?
Do the state of virgina put a interlock device in every person car now that get a dwi or do it depend on what you blew?
The interlock is not mandatory for all DUI offenses in VA. Here is a link a brochure published by the VA DMV which...
My first dwi is their any hope that I can get it reduce too a reckless driving? I blew a 1.2 or .12 is that same thing?
I have a disorldy conduct on fort lee court I have a gun charge in prince George but it wont no felony it was my gun only did 15 days in jail I have a stealing charge that was in colonial heights in 2008
You will need to consult with a local attorney. Some jurisdictions are more likely to give reductions on a DUI than others.
I haveing a problem figureing out what do 1.2 bac mean
The common wealth said my bac was 1.2 but everybody said I'll be dead but everybody else saying it must be .12 somebody help me Iam lost
It was most likely .12 because if it were 1.2, then lost would not begin to describe your condition.
Why did thr common wealth word my bac level as a 1.2
I's 1.2 the same as .12
The1.2 was a typo. It will likely be corrected. It is also not likely to have any impact on your case.
Caught driving with a revoked license from second DUI and failed to comply with VASAP.
I was driving with revoked license. Lost under a second dui, three years ago, Recently got it back under restriction, and I failed to comply with vasap recently.. I have court coming in a few weeks. I also have a recent assault on my record under probation for that too. My third domestic. I am going to jail for a while aren't I?
If you don't have a criminal defense attorney--jail is certainly a possibility. FYI, recommend you do NOT again go...