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    Jul 6, 2017 | via Morning Journal 

    In Columbiana County Municipal Court, a July 13 preliminary hearing was set for Latoya L. Monteiro, 28, Mapletree Street, East Liverpool, charged with failure to register a change of address, which she is required to do after her conviction for rape in 2005. A July 13 preliminary hearing was set for Arthur J. Gingher, 46, Petersburg-Unity Road, Petersburg, charged with burglary for allegedly trespassing into an apartment on West Clark Street to steal food from Diane Smith on Wednesday.


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Petersburg Law

Can I be charged with contempt of court for not completing community service on a m1 that i did 180 days in jail on in ohio?
I was arrested in youngstown, ohio by the state highway patrol for driving under suspension. My license had a forfeiture suspension for unpaid fines, costs. I was sentenced to community control, 80 hours community service, and a 180 day suspended sentence. Violated probation for non-compliance and served 180 days in full. Approximately 6 months after my release i was arrested again on a warrant for the same charge. I was taken to the mahoning county justice center until i posted a 250 cash surety bond through a bondsman. When I went to court they told me I was charged with contempt of court for not completing the 80 hours of community service ordered, and i could be sentenced an additional 30 days in jail. How can i be punished past the max penalty allowed by ohio law?
Usually courts will limit sanctions for failure to complete probation to suspended jail time. Consult local counsel for...
Last appointment with my PO but still on probation for another month, will I get drug tested?
I was on basic probation for a non-drug related charge and ended up with community service and 6 months probation. I paid court costs and did my service a long time ago and just had my last appointment with my PO. She told me that this was my last appointment and she was going to close my case next month, and that I don't need to come in for her to do that either. I was never drug tested before as I've never given any reason to be, but can and will they still call me in to drug test me anytime before this last month is up?
You may or may not have to. I do not know (if I knew whether or not you will be drug screened by your PO then I'd...
If you drank 6/24ounce of beer how long take get out of your system
Boyfriend got surgery tomorrow he's alcohol
Not a legal question. Your boyfriend needs to let his surgeon know. He might need to postpone the surgery.
How much does it cost for someone to represent me in a dui, probation violation case
Pled guilty to DUI had to leave county and have probation violation, from 2012
We cannot discuss fees on this site. Contact one of us on this site who practices in the Mahoning County Court No. 2...
What should I plea for failure to reinstate drivers license in Ohio, second court date
I was charged with failure to reinstate my drivers license in ohio, what should I plea? I went to my first court date and tried to plea no contest and the judge said he would put my plea in as not guilty and I should talk to an attorney, but didn't give me an option for a court appointed. I reinstated and got another drivers license. what should I plea? I don't want to plea guilty and get nailed or plea no contest again and piss the judge off again, or not guilty and get another court date. Or is there a plea to make to set another court date so I can hire a layer if that's my best option? Without an attorney, am I able to speak with the prosecutor before the hearings start to clear things up beforehand? Any advise would be great
Judge is trying to help you out. Talk to the prosecutor, update on your progress and get rewarded for your efforts.
How, if possible, could my name, address, or personal information obtained from the officers' investigation be used negatively?
Ok so last night I was with a few friends driving around playing Pokémon Go. We got pulled over and they searched our person and the vehicle. The only evidence they recovered was a crown royal draw-string bag with a bag of marijuana contained inside, which belonged to the driver of the vehicle. After the officers finished their search, they took all four of our cell phone numbers and social security numbers to verify identity. Long story short, the only person of the four of us that was charged with a minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana was the driver. Basically my question is, will this information be published in a newspaper or otherwise be made available to the public, including my name or address, without my knowledge or consent even though I was not charged with a criminal offense?
There may be mention of you in a police report. Those are public record, but personal information is typically redacted....
I have a friend who has 2 dui's in OH..He is on probation..He just got arrested for DUI in WV. Will it be considered the 3rd?
He just had his second dui here in OH 5 months ago..When arrested in WV he was drunk, speeding, traveling in the middle of the road, carrying a few grams of pot and a pipe..He also has drug charges in he going away for a while?
The penalties he faces in Ohio depend on the specific charges. For a few grams of pot and a pipe he is looking at low-...