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  • Controversy After Owner Apprehends DUI Driver Who Cr...

    Friday Feb 5 | via Corvettes 

    A parked Corvette is at the center of a controversy involving a drunk driver and a citizen who held him at gunpoint until police arrived. It all happened around 7:45 p.m. on Jan. 25 in Petaluma, Calif., when Joe Clayworth looked out the second-story window of his home to see a large truck drive over the hood of a parked C4 Corvette and hit the fence of his South McDowell Boulevard home.


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  • Suspected Burglars Can't Flee From Old Escape

    Monday Jan 25 | via 

    Public safety officers arrested two men suspected of burglarizing a business Sunday morning in Rohnert Park, public safety officials said. Officers arrested 30-year-old Petaluma resident Justin Garwood and 26-year-old Santa Rosa resident Victor Marin-Coria and booked them into the county jail on suspicion of burglary, violating probation and possession of drugs.


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  • Police seek person of interest in Petaluma child por...

    Jan 6, 2016 | via KRON 4 

    Petaluma police are searching for a person of interest in an investigation into child pornography and the abuse of a developmentally disabled adult, according to police. Police arrested 42-year-old Tawnya Hopper of Petaluma on Nov. 17 in connection with the investigation after the FBI contacted them, Sgt.


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  • Man on probation sought for alleged vandalism

    Jan 1, 2016 | via KRON 4 

    A Petaluma man who allegedly has a history of fleeing from police is being sought in connection with vandalism related to a domestic violence incident he's on probation for, police said on Thursday. Police are seeking Nicklaus Krinaich, 37, based on an alleged act of vandalism on Dec. 19 in the 400 block of Sixth Street in Petaluma.


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Petaluma Law

Drunk driver on a golf cart hit my new suv. I was at work, wife called cops but they were too busy to come. What should I do?
Multiple witnesses to varify man left scene of accident. Owner of golf cart appeared and promised to pay for damages. Can I sue for additional damages since the car was purchased less than two ago and will now have a accident on the history of the vehicle for remaining life of car?
You should check with yours and his insurance Companies... Actual damages are not enough as there is loss to the value...
If I win the DMV hearing, but subsequently get convicted of DUI in court, will my license still be suspended?
Is this correct?
Yes. The dmv will suspend on either a administration suspension or notice of a dui conviction
If I do the maximum on my DUI case, can I also get a fine?
I did a one year sentence on a DUI. ("second" DUI...but seven over twenty five years on my record) I did the maximum sentence because I knew I wouldn't get through the classes and all that BS of being on probation, ect. Now, a year after I finished my sentence, I've got a bill for 2,500$ in fines! I thought, by doing "the maximum" sentence, fines would not be included. What's the deal with this? Is it possilbe I owe fines?
It is possible that you still owe the fines. A maximum jail sentence only satisfies the jail time issue, and likely...
In Calif.,received a "Wet Reckless" when I was 18 (2009). I did the class time and the probation. I wasjust again cited for DUI
I was initially cited by Sac State officers for the Wet Reckless, The person riding with me was drunk, jumped on the hood of a car, we took off, and I got pulled over, and cited. 2 weeks ago I was pulled over and breathalyzed by chp. My BAL was .11 What can I expect for consequences of this DUI? I was told today by the Pub Def that I should expect to spend 10 days in jail? Is this normal? I go to school in Washington now. It is hard for me to get back to Calif for court appearances, jail time?? Etc. I've been on a pretty good path since the wet reckless, and I'm trying to do everything I can to stay on that good path
Yes. Jail time, if convicted. It's mandatory. You need a private lawyer and money to either get out of the DUI or...
Do I have to take a DUI course for an out of state DUI from 1998? Is there anyway to fight this?
I received a DUI in 1998 with a CA DL when I was a resident of HI. The case has been closed (both court and DMV) in HI and i am eligible for relicensing. CA has issued me 2 DL since 1998. Went to renew DL this year and was told I need to take 3 month class and provide SR 22. H-6 shows no convictions,no failures to appear and not accidents. I do not think that I should be required to meet the 2013 CA requirements for something that happened in '98, especially when you consider everything that was asked for by the state of HI was met and complied with. Does CA not have any reciprocal arrangements with HI or other states for out of state DUI. Further more the DMV documents required to sign up for a 3 month course are not accurate and do not exist.
Call your attorney in Hawaii or talk to a messenger service in Hawaii and get a copy of the completion certificate for...
Can I apply for DACA if I have one and only DUI and nothing else in my record? I've been a good sport except for this one time.
Recently, I have heard of people who had a DUI and applied for the permit and was granted to them. People that had a lot more going on than I did in terms of bad record. I feel like I deserve a chance, but I'm afraid to apply because I have a baby and I wouldn't want to get deported and have to leave her in hands of her father who is not a good influence for her. We are fighting for custody right now. I still would like to have a permit to be able to work and support her. I have several certificates of excellence from school that say I was a good student. And I can prove I'm a good person. Does anyone know if I have a chance? I know things have changed a bit since it got approved. When I went to court, I represented myself and plead guilty to VC23152(A) AND VC16028(A) thank you.
You need to speak with an attorney and perhaps a licensing attorney . Representing yourself for the DUI and no...
I just got my 2nd DUI offense. Illegal and out on immigration bail.
I didn't go to jail. I was let go at the police station. I blew a .10 I'm getting charged for DUI and driving without a license. My question is when I go to court for these charges will they arrest me In court? What are the chances of getting an ice hold because of this? I am really scared. How do I defend myself in court? And if convicted what is gonna happen to me?
No, you will not get arrested when appearing in traffic court. Don't worry! But you better appear with a traffic court...