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they are trying to charge me with a dui for my blood results having 154 of xanax in my system
The amount that impairs your ability to drive safely.
Also became positive for ethyl alcohol. Potossium of 3.3. Had a ct/ head test perform at hospital. Head scan
Retain an attorney and be prepared to retain a toxicologist to fight the evidence. I wish you the best.
I was working and I gat stop by the police inside the track private propery. The police fined beer at the back of the truck. Post help me my court day on July 07 2014
You really need to get an attorney to help. Just call or email an attorney here on avvo. Although you've never had a...
have a 4 month suspension from a dui
That information is listed on your Order of suspension. Generally, it is $125 DMV Reinstatement Fee, plus you must...
My babies momma was the one that they say was injured. But all they did was give her Motrin and Tylenol at the hospital. They didn't even take her blood pressure which the hospital says they did. But they didn't.
DUI with injury is a "wobbler" and can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. As a felony it carries up to three years in...
Im not sure yet if I can afford an attorney therfore I dont think I want to request a hearing. What happens then?
I cannot tell you all of the consequences since you did not give sufficient information. What will happen, in part, is...
Fiancée has a DUI, can he come back to the US if we get married in Mexico
This question is better directed to an immigration attorney, but to my knowledge a DUI will not bar someone from entry...