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What is the legal amount of xanax aloud in your system before getting a dui
they are trying to charge me with a dui for my blood results having 154 of xanax in my system
The amount that impairs your ability to drive safely.
If my license was suspended without proper notice, dont i have a case to dismiss any subsequent 14601.1 charges?
On 3/12, and 4/13 I was charged with a 14601.1. I am now trying to fight those charges, based on these arguments: 1. I My license was originally sus in April, 2009. The reason for the suspension was an FTA on a 12500 charge I received Feb 2009. IProblem is, I received an unlicensed driver ticket, while still licensed, then notice went out 2 months later of a suspension because I failed to appear on that original charge. 2. Officer wrote penal code 14601, put described it as Driver License Suspended for Dui under "code section or description" 3. Read discovery and police report and the police lied about the nature of the stop. He fabricated the facts of the stop and how it happened. Cant I ask for his dash cam? 4. So far, DMV cant tell me where the suspension notice was mailed.
Your H6 print out from DMV will tell you the date notice was mailed. A 14601 isn't a suspension for a DUI, a 14601.2...
My fiancée got a DUI and now he is in Mexico, can we get married in Mexico so he can come back?
Fiancée has a DUI, can he come back to the US if we get married in Mexico
This question is better directed to an immigration attorney, but to my knowledge a DUI will not bar someone from entry...
How much is it to get a restricted license
have a 4 month suspension from a dui
That information is listed on your Order of suspension. Generally, it is $125 DMV Reinstatement Fee, plus you must...
Process to get dmv to reissue license if found not guilty of 2nd dui.
not quite sure if this is correct or not. i read several posts ... but not clear. if found not guilty of 2nd dui.... why would it be a restristed license? shouldn't it automatically be overturned and have full driving privilages?....from what i have been reading -- dmv says we still have to go to classes and put iid in car? if not guilty, your not guilty!? it shouldn't affect your license at all. no?
I suppose you already had a DMV hearing and you lost your license for one year. If you are fighting the criminal case...
I was charge with F PC496 how much time will i get?
i have a dui from 3 years ago but thats all i have in my record
The answer depends. Your lawyer will have to look at the facts of your case and discuss the possible...
I got a dui in LA in 03 and in CA in 04. I want to get my real estate license by summers end of this year. Will I be denied one?
All I know is that they came.up when I applied at a casino job. I'm not sure how to get one expunged or what. I am not even sure where to start. I really do want to get this real estate license after I finish my studies n state exam . Thanks for any help
In my experience, it is not possible that you will be able to obtain a Salesperson license by the end of August, 2012....