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PA CDL BAC limit while operating a personal vehicle?
I'm pretty sure it's .04 no matter what you are driving if you have a cdl. But have heard that while not in a cdl vehicle it reverts to the standard. .08. What is the actual law?
.08 in Non commercial vehicle. That said, if you are a commercial driver, don't drive within 12 hours of drinking... I...
Pulled over on motorcycle for bad tags. blew a .06 but has a cdl and didn't get caught. should he be worried?
my friends brother got pulled over on a motorcycle he just purchased. he doesn't have a mc license and I doubt a permit. I don't know all the details but bottom line is. He blew a .06 but is a cdl driver so .04 is his limit, but the cdl was overlooked at the time. Could they still hit him with dui if it gets discovered?
The short answer is, yes, your friend's brother can and likely will be charged with a DUI. He needs an experienced...
Do they drug test on House Arrest if marijuana charges were dropped? Or before you get off?
I am currently on house arrest in PA for DWI (90 days, have 28 days left). I never got urine tested at all until my power went out for a few days so they brought me into Corrections and gave me a breathalizer and urine test. Somehow I passed, even though I know I wasn't clean of marijuana. This makes me wonder if they even tested for marijuana, or just alcohol? It looked like it was immediate read cup. I am also wondering if they will drug test me randomly before I'm off or test me in order to get off. My PO is very laid back, and I haven't had any problems other than that incident. I plan on laying off until I'm done, but just want some answers. Thanks
Being unable to accurately predict the future behavior of myself let alone others, I can only say it is possible and...
How will DWI in NJ transfer to a 2nd in PA?
I was arrested 2 years ago for a DWI in New Jersey. I was put on Conditional Discharge and finished successfully over a year ago and nothing is on my record. I was just arrested recently in PA for a second DWI and I believe it will be a second tier charge. Will my DWI in PA count as a 2nd offense?
Yes. If convicted. Get legal counsel ASAP
Can I travel if I've only been charged with a DUI and the case has not been resolved?
First time ever been charged with anything.
Yes you can travel. However, if bail was set, certain counties require you to provide notice. Ask your attorney to...
Dui charge
Hello, my husband recently was charged with the dui that happened over a year ago, no blood was taken only breath test that showed nothing, also that was a minor car accident, he was arrested at that time for a warrant on a dui from 2007 and served his time, now bucks county claiming that they have metabolite evidence of alcohol and drugs. Help.. The only blood that was taking from him was at the Philadelphia prison, which is mandatory when you are sentenced or booked. Are they allowed to use this as evidence???? How can we fight this.... Need legal advise please
I am unaware of mandatory blood testing for probation violations or for being booked into a County prison. Recently,...
Does a DUI show up on my record after 10 years?
I received my second DUI in Florida after receiving a first offense in PA just over 10 years ago. When they ran my record the first DUI offense from PA showed up. From my understanding that after 10 years the DUI would be expunged. I was wondering if this is true and maybe because it was on the 10th year it was discovered. I also read of a new law going into effect in November that records can be sealed after 10 years in PA. If there was a possibility it will be removed or sealed would it be a legitimate defense after they already discovered it. Could I possibly request the DA to recheck my criminal history in the hopes that it doesn't show up the second time? Or maybe bring my own sealed documents to prove that is no longer on my criminal record?
If you received ARD in Pennsylvania for the first DUI you are eligible for an expungement. However, this does not...