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    Wednesday Apr 15 | via Peotone Vedette 

    April 16, 1897 It seems whatever lull is supposed to happen during the winter is over. It's time to invigorate that ol' "get up and go," there are a "millions things to do."


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Peotone Law

DUI charges against me were dropped - Village in Illinois did not have burden of proof - How do I get my driver's license back
My DL was suspened for 12 months because I did not submit to a BAC
You would have to have obtained a court order to rescind the SSS. If you have not had a DUI in the past 5 years, you...
Can I get a cdl if I was arrested for dui in Illinois? If so how long do I have to wait to apply?
The summary suspension was rescinded and I received 12 months supervision on the criminal case. Do I have to wait to get a cdl or can I get one as soon as the court mails back my license?
This should be helpful for you:
Boyfriend being sued in a civil court. accident resulting in dui, happened in kendall co, court in dupage. what should we do?
the establishment is known for trouble and over serving. i was assulted there while owner and 3 others just watched. have pic and witnesses! is there any way to sue?
From what I understand your boyfriend was operating a vehicle and had a traffic accident. After the accident occurred...
Daughter Crashed Car into House, my name is on registration, but she let insurance lapse. Car is still being Financed.
I co-signed for a auto loan for my 20 year old daughter, and I am also on the registration. My daughter purchased her own insurance in her own name. She was involved in a crash by hitting a garage, and the car that was inside. She was cited for a DUI, and no proof of insurance. When I found out about the accident and asked her if she called her insurance company, she told me she had let her insurance lapse because she could not pay for it. Now she is in a world of trouble. Question: Since my name is on the registration, but I was not involved with insuring the car, can I be held liable for her actions? She does live with us.
Yes, you could be in trouble if there is a suit against the owner of the vehicle - you. Consult in person with a...
Will I get drug tested on my last court date for dui of drug?
I was arrested and charged with 4 counts of dui, involving alcohol and cannabis. I gave a urine test when I was arrested which came back positive. Since then I have had a motion to suppress evidence which was granted because the cop had no probable cause to arrest me. the state didn't file appeal and this will be my last court date to have the case dismissed. I haven't had to take a drug test yet, but will I on my last court date coming up? What would happen if I tested positive for cannabis?
You apparently have a lawyer. The best person to ask this and all other questions is your lawyer. We have no way of...
Boyfriend being sued in a civil court. accident resulting in dui, happened in kendall co, court in dupage. what should we do?
driver refused medical.
You should do nothing. Your boyfriend needs a lawyer.
My husbund has to be extredited from illinois to kansasa, and il gave kansas time till february 10 to pick him up
What happens if kansas doesnt pick him up till the 10 february?
Your question is confusing. You are not in a position to provide the state of Kansas with a deadline for pick up.