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What jail sentence in my looking at on my 3rd driving on revoked
My driver's license was revoked in 2006 then in 2009 I got a DUI and driving on revoked then about 2 months later I got a driving on revoked after DUI I have no offenses from then until now when I got a driving on revoked last night just wondering what kind of sentence I'm looking at had to do 60 days in Peoria County Jail for the last one but it was right after my DUI this one is 7 years later
You are in a world of trouble.! Driving while license revoked starts out as a class "A" misdemeanor. That means you...
In the state of Illinois if someone holds a liquor license n gets a DUI what happens? Can they still hold them ?
Would these need to be transferred to someone else?
Obviously, anyone who applies for a liquor license knows that you are not to have any serious criminal background. If...
I failed 2 starts into my baids machine. The state wants an explanation why I failed. I havnt had alcohol. Only mouthwash.
I'm on probation for DUI And license is revoked. I did all my classes and courts and did 3jail days.
That is your explanation but you also need to explain why you did not follow the directions they give you and wait a...
Can a DUI revoke my intense probation?
I'm currently on intense probation in Illinois and my wife got sick and threw up all over inside of the car. So I went to clean the car out and was pulled over for driving on suspended license and a DUI.
General conditions of any probation include obey all laws. You definitely need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.
Wanting to know what are the rules for getting liscence back after 4yrs on 2nd dui?
Got dui in 2013 no treatment or community service ordered. Just a 2800 dollar fine. A evaluation from 2013 said 75 hrs treatment nessacary. Currently involved. What is or r the next steps to the end.
From the little bit of info you provide, you are likely a High Risk/Dependent. So you have to be abstinent. It takes...
Is a petition to revoke intense probation automatic for a new arrest offense?
I'm on intense probation and was arrested for a suspended license and a DUI. I blew a .127
It's not "automatic," but very likely. Especially since the DUI could be charged as a felony because your license was...
What does the eligibility date on my revocation letter mean ?
Ok I have had a total of 3 dui arrests with 2 convictions. First dui in 1986 and court supervision second dui in 1990 with a conviction and a third in 2015 with a conviction. I am trying to make sense of my revocation letter i received it has the date that my revocation starts which is 07/14/2017 and under that it has my projected eligibility dated as 07/14/2017 doesn't make sense to me. Why would they revoke me and make me eligible on the same date? Is this an error on the part of the secretary of state or is there something i am missing?
Your 2 arrests resulting in convictions are outside of 20 years so you have a minimum 1-year revocation (subject to a 5-...