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What would most likely to happen if I had a lawyer to represent my case? What if not?
I have recently received a letter from the courts saying I must attending a hearing due to 2 counts of DUI. Count #1: DUI, Class 1 Misdemeanor. Count #2: DUI with BAC .08 or More. What should I most likely do & what could be a possible result of hiring/not hiring a DUI lawyer?
There are no certainties in these cases, lawyer or not. Do not listen to any lawyer who tells you otherwise. An...
Is the ignition interlock device both mandated by the court and mvd in AZ?
I know that the ignition interlock device is mandated by the court but is it mandated by The mvd too? Or is it because the court mandates it the mvd just follows thru or do they have their own rules about it?
It can be both. It is for the MVD if convicted in court or f any DUI alcohol charge. Depending on the court, it can...
What is most likely to happen for getting pulled over for a DUI, but blowing under the limit with a .06
Got pulled over. Took a sobriety test & breatherlizer test, blew .06, got tooken in for a DUI, took my blood alcohol test, then got release a few minutes later home by a taxi.
The "breathalyzer" you blew into was probably a portable breathalyzer tester (or "PBT"), the result of which are NOT...
My dui was dismissed because I was not given the opportunity to obtain an independent sample. Can I get my records erased?
It was dismissed without prejudice. I was charged on May 28 2014. The dismissal was 11/12/2014. I want the arrest off my record. I want the fingerprints recorded removed too.
I would invite you to give me a call, we just had this issue come up for another client.
Misdemeanor DV & probation monthly call to MI & testing.
90 day soberlink test follow w/9 mo urine test. If I quit reporting, not call PO what are consequences?
This lawyer is not licensed in Arizona, and the specific terms of probation in that state are best addressed to the...
I was in a diversion program in New Mexico 4 years ago can I use it again in Arizona
I have no priors on my record
That depends on whether it is even offered to you by the prosecutor in the first place. If it is, AND there is no...
Sexual assault if I was passed out drunk
I was drunk with a co-worker. we went to her place, I asked if I could sleep in her bed and she agreed. As soon as I got to her bed I passed out. she woke me up on the couch saying that I touched her, messed with her clothes and masturbated on her. She claims she was awake the whole time and I have no memory of this as I was drunk. Is that sexual assault if she was awake and didn't bother to stop my supposed act?
The local prosecutor will determine if this fact pattern will support a charge then the court will determine if the...