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I got my second offense owi this weekend. I fell asleep and hit a ditch/ culvert. I don't remember getting in my car or driving. I'm on probation in a diff county cause I left the scene of an accident. I'm really scared. Im 22 years old and I want to change my life. I have a good job building houses. I really don't want to go to jail. I know I messed up and have a problem I want to fix it. I can't ever drink again in my life which I don't want to cause I could of died. I'm just really scarred to loose my job if I go to jail.
You are smart to start here on Avvo in finding the best attorney for this tough case. You would need treatment and a...
I received my first MIP a year ago but six months after being on non reporting I was MIP'd again. When i went to court for the 2nd one it did not come up because I was on the HYTA program. I went to court paid $300 and that was end of story .. nothing extra.. community service etc. Now my 1 year review is coming up for my first offense. Whats in store? Also the second offense was in a different city.
Probably nothing too severe. Just be honest.
If everyone in the car was drinking and over 21 would they all be arested or only the driver? Would the other people be alowed to drive home if they were not drunk? Is it ok to drink alcohol in a car if your not driving? under MI laws.
The passengers have not done anything wrong legally, under the facts provided. If the driver was suspected of DUI he...
I got my license suspended at age 18 from 2 DUIs both were under the legal limit but I was under age so I got the DUIs .. Since then I have gotten 3 driving on suspended (in the past 9 years) I moved to california a year and a half ago and cleaned up my life and now need my license to transport my daughter to and from school so I need to start the process. I also have a pending case that I never went to court for (driving on suspended) . I am trying to fill out the packet that the Secretary of State provides to apply to get my license back and it's asking for specific dates of my criminal history (I do not know specific dates) so I may need a criminal docate. Where do I even start?
Step one: order your 7-year driving record from the Michigan Sec of State (costs about $8). Step two: after you get...
I am not asking if I have to go to AA. I am attending AA, I am collecting signatures and turning in the forms. She is telling me I have to get a sponsor and I think she is overstepping her bounds.
I answered this same exact question yesterday. The answer hasn't changed.
I was given bond conditions by the judge for DUI and told to go to probation office. i filled out some paperwork while there, they set up my alcohol assessment next month, gave me a copy of my bond conditions and was told to leave. my bond condtions are things like "alcohol testing ___ per week" and "AA ___ per week" but they were not filled out by anyone!. i tried calling probation dept 2 weeks ago and they never returned my call. right after i called probation dept i called my lawyer and he said that they will likely fill it in at my alcohol assessment and not to worry. but he didnt sound 100% sure! im very scared i might be violating my bond conditions. i probably would have known by now right?? thank you for your time
Your attorney may be correct, but I would continue to call the probation department and inquire as to whether you were...
I was in the accident, but apparently left the scene. I had been knocked out and had a concussion (no memory of accident at all) I was taken in for a blood test I was very disoriented and confused cop thought I was under the influence. Did not receive medical or offered it was taken to jail ended up with concussion and dislocated right shoulder(don't know if the shoulder was from accident or cop handcuffing me and pulling it out). I am on some prescription medication and don't know what will happen.
You definitely need to be proactive and get a lawyer. That way when and if charges are filed, your lawyer will be...