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Dui/dwi no someone who just got one and am confused on how the police handled it
someone called me today and told me they got either a dui or dwi, they were drinking and admitted to the cop that they were doing shots of rum, so they asked the cop what they should do for they were nervous and the cop said don't take the test, and they took person to the station and enpounded the car, they got the car back, what i don't understand is how will the law or can the law charge that person if they didn't take the test after the officier told them not to, now they have to go to court, find it odd that they would even have to go if they didn't take breathilizer, I feel that the officier would get in trouble for not taking one...any info would be appreciated
The officer can't tell someone not to take the test, but its unlikely the report will say that, which means it is his...
My CNA license was revoked in NJ will I ever be able to obtain it back?
I was detained for shoplifting first offense for merchandise that totaled $150. Will I be able to obtain my CNA license back!
More informataion is needed. What did the Board say?
How long should arraignment take for a dui arrest in the state of new jersey
I was arraigned 120 days after arrest
It normally takes place faster than that, but why did it take so long? did you raise a speedy trial issue? If you were...
I was arraigned 120 days after a dui arrest and still going to court 5 months after arraignment.can i file speedy trial dismisal
case has dragged on for 9 months
You can always file it. That does not mean it will win. It depends why the case is going so slowly (your fault, the...
Would a 30+ year old dui and refusal (1980s) in NJ, be used the enhance a 2010 dui and refusal?
I was nabbed in 2010 in NJ. Received a dui. Was January . A few months later , in NJ, I was sitting in my car, keys in the glove box, drinking. A supposed passers-by notified the police ( I have no reason why) , and they (4 cars ) showed up. I refused all their calisthenics. Was taken to station, tried blowing twice, I could not , I guess get a good reading because the Sgt screamed, put him down as a refusal. Long story short, they couldn't get me for dui (because I wasn't driving ), was convicted of refusal. Now, I have a refusal from 1985, and a dui from 1984, both in NJ. In january 2010 received the new dui in NJ. April 2010 received above mentioned refusal. At the time, my attorney said the 2 1980ish convicons would not count, since they were over 10 years old . They did. 14 susp
1980s is not 30 years before 2010. If they only asked you to blow twice, perhaps a lawyer could help you and I always...
24/27 bill ..would that mean if I get my interlock put on my car would I be eligible for a restricted license?
I lost my license for two yrs second DUI, but I only have six months left of my suspension and bus fares had just gone up I also take care of my mother its getting harder and harder to make it to work and take Care of my mom and pay bills..I need a second job but can not bcuz buss schedules don't comply with my full time job now there anyway I can get my license back now if I have the inter lock installed early? If so, what are the steps I need to take and who should I contact?
No. Unlike many other states, there is no exception under any circumstances where you would be permitted to drive...
Can I get a work hardship license for a suspended license for a reckless driving charge?
I beat a DUI case and the prosecotor give me a deal and turned a careless driving ticket into a reckless driving ticket and the judge ordered a 30 day suspension of my license. Can I get a work hardship license considering my suspension is not due to a DUI but a reckless?
NJ does not have conditional licenses. The careless should have stayed a careless. That could be grounds for a motion...