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Dui/dwi no someone who just got one and am confused on how the police handled it
someone called me today and told me they got either a dui or dwi, they were drinking and admitted to the cop that they were doing shots of rum, so they asked the cop what they should do for they were nervous and the cop said don't take the test, and they took person to the station and enpounded the car, they got the car back, what i don't understand is how will the law or can the law charge that person if they didn't take the test after the officier told them not to, now they have to go to court, find it odd that they would even have to go if they didn't take breathilizer, I feel that the officier would get in trouble for not taking one...any info would be appreciated
The officer can't tell someone not to take the test, but its unlikely the report will say that, which means it is his...
My CNA license was revoked in NJ will I ever be able to obtain it back?
I was detained for shoplifting first offense for merchandise that totaled $150. Will I be able to obtain my CNA license back!
More informataion is needed. What did the Board say?
How long should arraignment take for a dui arrest in the state of new jersey
I was arraigned 120 days after arrest
It normally takes place faster than that, but why did it take so long? did you raise a speedy trial issue? If you were...
I was arraigned 120 days after a dui arrest and still going to court 5 months after arraignment.can i file speedy trial dismisal
case has dragged on for 9 months
You can always file it. That does not mean it will win. It depends why the case is going so slowly (your fault, the...
I passed the stand on one leg test but failed the walk and turn test can the judge rule a dwi based off FST?
I was pulled over for speeding and asked to do field sobriety test. My driving was fine and I didn't have any other symptoms of being intoxicated. I passed the stand on one leg test but failed the walk and turn test. How likely could be convicted of a dui based off those test alone since both test are 65% accurate in determining BAC above .10
In New Jersey, you violate the DUI statue if the police properly administered the Alcotest and your reading was a 0.08...
My 17 year old granddaughter was drunk driving her car and had only the license that says she can drive from 6am to 11pm.
She hit a parked car in a residential neighborhood, kept going and stopped in the middle of street blowing her horn and neighbors called police. She got 9 tickets. Under age drinking, Dui, unsafe lane change, leaving scene of accident, and a few more various tickets. We believe she was trying to hurt herself. She was arrested and taken to jail. Then from jail was placed in a crisis center at hospital. Then from there she is in a bahavioral rehab facility. What are we up against to help her get out of this. What are the consequences?
Get her the best lawyer you can afford and work on defending criminal charges first. And whether she will be driving...
What if I received a DUI about 6 years ago and i am applying for a job that requires a company car?
I have no other infractions or mark on my record. I live in NJ, the violation was in NJ as well but the company I am applying with is running the background check out of NY or CT- not sure if that matters. It seems to be taking a very long time to get the background info completed and I have an offer letter contingent upon the background
It's an internal matter for the company to decide if your old DUI conviction is an obstacle. These situations are often...