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Arresting officer cancelled two or three times my husband's attorney delayed once. It is a dui charge.
A tremendous amount of information from the official court file would be required to answer your question. You've told...
I also had a hand gun in the car when i was pulled over. the gun was not registered to me and i also did not have a license to carry permit. does this affect my license suspension or anything else regarding the dui? my whole case is over with now and i received a 12 month license suspension is this what i should have gotten?
The answer is yes, 12 months for your DUI and the gun charge has no bearing on the suspension. BUT these are...
Please let me know.T his is for my good friend.
You may get pulled from the program. The biggest factor will probably be the probation officer itself.
I just wanted to know if I could ask my PO to go to a rehab while on house arrest?
You can obviously ask your PO about the hoped for rehab. I would be very surprised if you got anything other than...
i was arrested and plead guilty of DUI in 2005,i served it and was expunged. i went to the magistrate and police station but no record of it now,they have docket # of not stopping to a stop sign they said it was lowered to that offense.US citizen application questions re:if you have expunged or removed arrest record to send original statement from the court that no record exists of the arrest or conviction.i dont know what to answer yes or no if i was ever arrested but i have no supporting document because they have no record.pls advice thanks.
Are you sure you pled guilty and didn't have ARD (ARD would result in expungement but Guilty plea would not). Chances...
I wrecked my vehicle on roads with very hazardous conditions, I had a few drinks before the incident. I am currently on probation for drug charges from 2008. I was sentenced in 2012 for probation for 3 years. I have completed all required details minus pay off of fines. I spoke with my P.O. today and upon paying balance I can be released early from supervision. If I do this before the potential DUI comes in, will I be clear of violating probation? The policemen took a blood sample and released me. If I'm convicted, I face violating and a jail sentence, someone please help.
Your description is a bit confusing. If I understand you correctly, you are on probation stemming from a 2008 drug case....
Need dash cam evidence case iis over but I'd like to see it.
This is apparently the Criminal Defense side of the earlier Constitutional Law question. Securing that evidence would...