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Is there any thing I can do?
I was visiting fargo nd and living out of my car for a few weeks, one evening I was watching Netflix in the Wal-Mart parking lot and i had a few beers Someone must of reported me because a fargo pd pulled up and was knocking on my window they claimed my car fit a disruption of one that was in an accident, I told them it wasn't me and pointed out there was obviously no damage to my car, they didn't give me a breath test just asked me to walk a line and stand on one foot I didn't do so well so they brought me in and booked me,I'm a minnesota resident and have had 2 priors in minnesota,I was scheduled to go to municipal court but it was dismissed and sent to district court,I'm still waiting to hear back from them that was almost a month ago. Not sure what to do.
Did you give them an address somewhere to contact you?
Do I have to go to court once my 2 year probation is up for my suspended imposition or does it automatically go into affect?
I have a petty theft charge and was given a suspended imposition as long as I followed the judges order for 2 years. This December 2017, I will be at my 2 year mark. Do I have to go to court again?
No. If it's a deferred imposition then the file will automatically seal within 61 days of the end of probation assuming...
What happens if I dont take a test?
In April I was charged with physical child neglect for my daughter being tardy for school. It's been months n now they want me to take random drug tests. I've never been into trouble or even pulled over.
You could face sanctions for refusing to do so. Is it court ordered due to some criminal charge? If so it could be a...
How do I make a warrant for refusing to submit to a chemical test disappear?
I was pulled over and arrested after submitting to a field test and breath test. I didn't allow the blood test because I felt it was harrassment. I was never charged with drunk driving. This charge is trumped up and causing me wonderful employment opportunities.
Get. A. Lawyer. You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are charged with any crime in...
Got my 2nd dui in north Dakota but it's my 1st one there I need alternative to their 24/7 program
I'm from Alabama but was working in north Dakota I got a dui they want me to do the 24/7 program which requires me to stay there for a year but it's not possible as I travel for work I'm having to leave before they can put the bracelet on me I dnt want to keep a warrant out for me but they apparently don't wanna work with me even tho I explained my situation the judge told me in court that maybe they could suspend it and if I ever come back do it but after court the state prosecutor said that's not possible I need options
They really don't have the option to suspend the 24/7 program if it is your 2nd offense. Did you plead guilty? Is the...
Will I be suspended for 3 years of my driving privilages?
I am scared , and wondering if I, may be suspended for 3 years for a 2nd D U I conviction. It was actual physical control. I was sitting in my car, keys in car, my friend had left me, and I was trying to figure out my way home. I was not going to, or driving. I was going to have Jury Trial, but we were not exactly sure about that route. The Prosecutor ended up offering to me a 2nd offense instead of a 3rd. I feel so mixed up though now, guess It is all done, saddened. Thank you for reading this, Sincerely, Lynn.
It sounds like you have an attorney. Discuss this with him/her, being certain that you understand all the ramifications.
Can a employer flag my professional license and report fradulant information
Drug tested @ end of 8 hour shift , tested positive for thc, which I told them I would, but was not using on job ,I use it for pain & sleep, they reported to nursing board i was using illegal substances on the job, what can I do, my nursing license is revoked, i have to fight to get it reinstated for for a false report, can the employer b held liable, it was reported on a Monday , they didn't receive formal results til 4 days later,
I don't know if you have any recourse. This is not a question for a criminal defense attorney, but you may wish to...