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I was hit by a drunk driver and he totaled my car. He has no insurance. I wasn't hurt bad. How can I sue him personally?
A drunk driver hit me and totaled my car. I nor my daughter was injured too bad. He hit us and ran, later arrested. He had no insurance. How can I sue him personally for all the aggravation, I've gone through trying to get a rental car and all the other crap an innocent driver has to do not to mention the hurt that he did cause, even though, thank goodness it was minimal,since I don't have the money up front for a lawyer. Can you tell me where I can find one? He's out now on bond and still has his truck. I have contacted several lawyers but the ones I've found only deal with you if you're been hurt bad!!!!!
You can bring a claim against the other driver in small claims court. Also you should have available to you medical...
Can you bring a video from your phone at Administration motor vehicle hearing
I was pulled over because I was driving too slow because I was listening to the navigation and I was looking for a road to turn in to and it was too dark for me to see the road
Under no circumstances should you attempt to handle any aspect of a DUI yourself. The law is hyper-technical and an...
Dss false charges
Dss came to my home had a list of allegations. All were false but one, we failed a drug test for pot. They want us to take classes that cost about $5000. Can I fight this because we cannot afford this.
What's to fight if it is true? You failed the drug test. And how will you fight if you cannot afford to take the...
What If I've never had a dui but only suspended licence but never had licence before
Driving without license. Licence suspended but never obtained a licence to drive
This makes no sense. You cannot have a suspended license if you never obtained a license. Please repost clearly.
Can I reopen my reckless driving case?
I was found guilty in this case because my attorney dropped the case without my knowledge. I had a jury trial and was found guilty because no one was showed. Now I have a warrant for failure too comply... it's their anything I can do besides pay the fine?...a
You can hire a lawyer to try to get a court appearance to explain your lawyer failed to show up, however, you would...
Got arrested for habitual offender and dus 3rd and subsequent.
Is there any way I can beat these charges. I have applied for a public defender. What are the chances that I can stay out of prison
That is too broad a question without knowing any facts regarding your situation. If you've applied for a public...
On probation for DUI in the state of MN for 5 years, however I just got a DUI in SC. What will happen to me in SC?
Served 2 years of the 5 year probation for the state of MN for the DUI. So what will happen to me in SC and how will this impact my probation in MN.
You will be charged with a second, if they know about the first and you have violated probation on the first, but...