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OWI in Iowa first offense ?
I was arrested for my 1st offense OWI in Iowa over the weekend. I was initially pulled over for my license plate light was out. I tested .155 on the breath test, but also demanded an independant blood test at my own expense. My blood sample was just thrown in with all my other personal belongings when I was put in the jail cell. It was not refridgerated. I guess I don't know what the proper procedure is for my blood sample, but I don't think it was handled right. Do I have any chance of getting this reduced or thrown out ? If I am convicted of the OWI, I will lose my job, home and be probably bankrupt ?
Unfortunately, not refrigerating the blood sample for hours or even days following the blood draw generally does not...
Does an officer only have to tell you what will happen if you refuse to blow for OWI?
I was only told if I refuse to blow I would be suspended for 2 yrs since it was my second one, but someone in court said they have to tell you what will happen if you don't and what will happen if you do and it's over the limit.
Most states have some sort of admonishment rule when it comes to DUIs. Hire an attorney for this matter.
What should I do for second Paula ticket?
About 6 weeks ago in college I was sitting with some friends in a room and cops came and I was given a Paula ticket. Now just last night I was at a country music concert and had a beer in my hand so I got another Paula ticket and he breathalyzered me and I blew a .178. I know I really messed up and reality has hit me and I will not drink again till I'm 21. The officer said he charged me with another first offense ticket. I was considering talking to the da and asking if there was anything I could do to not have it show up or lowered to a civil infraction, but if he wants the officer said the da could move it up to a second offense. I'm in engineering school and don't want to lose my internship and future ones for this, please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks
Hire counsel and discuss your options while protected by the attorney client privilege and not on the internet. Speak...
Do I need an attorney to fight a ow case
What would the country need to have to have evidence
I am guessing your mean OWI? If so, yes, you most certainly need to hire an attorney.
Leaving country before 3rd DUI trail or face charges?
Had previous 2 OWI (alcohol) and now have a 3rd DUI marijuana facing. Gave urine sample at time of arrest. I am afraid I will get 5 years prison. What would happen if I left the country prior my 3rd DUI trial? Will warrant be issued against me outside of United States?
Would you be coming back to face the charges? If not, then yes a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Whether or...
Can i be charged with both boating while intoxicated and driving under the influence?
I was stopped by the DNR after backing my trailer into the water loading my boat and pulling it out of the water. They did an equipment check and ended up giving me a breathelizer which i failed. They charged me with a boating while intoxicated but said they were not charging me with a DUI for driving the truck. Can a judge still charge me with a DUI on my court date in a couple of weeks
Judges do not bring charges; only prosecutors can do that. If you weren't ticketed fro the DUI the prosecutor is not...
2 first offense Paula tickets
I pleaded guilty to my first Paula (possession of alcohol under legal age), then six weeks later i was charged with another first offense Paula ticket. I know if you have one, after two years of not having another one that one can be exponged. Due to them both being first offense, is it possible for both of them to be expunged after 2 years?
Thank you for your questions. There is a possibility. However expungement is a difficult to have done. Did you see if...