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Can i renew my tlc license in westchester County, NY after pleading guilty to dwai?
I pled guilty to a Dwai. My tlc permit was suspended until completing the required 7 week course and any other requirements. Upon completion they handed me back my permit saying i was good to go. I just found out my renewal was denied and was not given an explanation. Is there a way to appeal this?
If I remember correctly, you can't have a TLC license with any type of DWI conviction, even the DWAI violation.
Can I sue NYS department of social services cps for traumatizing my children by telling them that they are being removed?
I've been dealing with cps for over a year continuously because I keep getting called on by some anonymous person or persons. Also I have been told that I have to take repetitive drug test I believe that my urine is being compromised they gave my husband a drug test but a woman drug tested him and a man drug tested me. I feel that my privacy and my right and my home are being tarnished and I feel like I am a victim I am being discriminated because I am Hispanic and my husband is white and these workers are black I've had previous workers in the past that have gone by the book with their job but with this case it's like they're not giving up the trying to frame me and my husband my husband works a really good job at Metro-North in New York so he gets randomly drug tested and I smoke pot because it helps me I'm trying to get a medical marijuana license but because post Trumatic stress is not under the requirements I have to wait so they're penalizing me because I smoke pot on top of that they're coming to my home to three times a week when it's only once or twice a month I think that they're just doing it too much and are trying to tear my family apart I had a shitty lawyer
Stop smoking pot. Its illegal in NYS unless you have a medical prescription. You don't. CPS is involved and you keep...
Is there a chance to have an ignition-interlock device/IID removed after 6 months instead of waiting the full 12 months, in NY?
I was sentenced as a first time offender (of ANY type of moving violation or crime) to a DWI with conditional discharge in NY. I refused to "blow" so I received an automatic 12 month revocation from the DMV. In criminal court I received a direction to install and maintain an IID in my vehicle for 12 months. I have also received a conditional license (thankfully). I have had my IID for 6 months with zero (0) issues related to failed breath tests. I would like to know if there is a realistic chance to have my IID "sentence" shortened by hiring an attorney to petition the court? If there is a chance at winning, how much is a reasonable fee to pay for this? In other words - would a petition like this be in the $1k range, the $2.5k range or above $5k? I am in a small municipality.
Yes. I just got the interlock removed for a client in Nassau County after 6 months.
Aggravated DWI or DWI plea
Hi! I am an international student (F1 visa) and I was arrested and charged with aggravated DWI (BAC 0.21) and hit a utility pole in New York. I was offered either Aggravated DWI with 1 year conditional discharge or DWI with 3 years probation. May I know which one should I take because I am going to mary my girlfriend and I do not know if which charge would prevent me from adjusting my status.
Either way, the acquired state criminal record will be required to be disclosed during any subsequent application...
Shouldnt i get an immediate dismissal if officers falsify(LIE) the paperwork??
Long story short..I was pulled over and arrested for no reason. Was told to take a breath test at the station. The paperwork i have claims i was driving a white truck( truck is pitch black), blew over the limit(LIE) and refused the test(LIE) at the same exact time(5:00am) but another piece of paperwork says my observation began at 5:20am and the test was at 5:46am which means they wrote out those tickets almost a hour before i was even tested!...Shouldnt this be dismissed??
No. You may have a basis for cross examination but inconsistencies in the paperwork is not a basis for a Judge to...
Can I sue for defamation of character
I went for a drug screening... and was accused of taking Adderall... I had a script for it but I had to wait 72 hours for CVS to mail my prescription history... she wanted it immediately and refuse to talk to my doctor... she tested me positive I lost my job and a great reputation... and recommended a rehabilitation center.... the script was older but I didn't use all the time. The script also says use as needed
What was the false statement and who was it made to?
Can i beat a dwi case if i wasnt pulled over and arrested legally
Can a officer pull someone over, arrest them without telling them why, and read their miranda rights then tell them in the station if they blow in the breath machine and nothing comes back then theyll let them go then tell them they blew double the limit without showing them?..Is all of that legal????
You need to get an attorney that specializes in DWIs if you want any sort of help in defending yourself. The...