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I am a resident of nh ..and business in ma....can I get an LTC mass non resident ..I had a NH dwi in 2004 first offence. not in
I am a dentist and fear for my life and office whickh is in a bad part of town..drugs murder robberies etc
The Massachusetts State Police handle applications from out-of-state residents for licenses to carry a firearm in...
DUI to Reskless driving question
I got arrested in New Hampshire for DUI and it was brought down to Reckless driving. Is this still considered and alcohol conviction?
If you managed to get it reduced from DUI, I suspect you had a lawyer represent you, This is a question you should...
Where can i find a sample motion to ask the NH District court to reopen a 1989 DUI/DWI case and remove the IDEP requirement?
After 25+ years, NH still has this requirement as pending. I would like a sample motion to ask the NH District court to remove the IDEP requirement since I have not drank in over 10 years. Thanks for any help.
Go to the "NH Courts" website and follow the links to circuit court, district division. Then click on "forms" and you...
I was attacked by a drunk co worker the owner hired this person knowing their history of being drunk and violent can I sue
Lost wages, slandering my name and pysical trama
You may be limited to a workers compensation claim or a claim against the drunk co-worker. Discuss with local counsel...
How can I get help?
On 09/09/08 my license was revoked in Massachusetts for eight years for d w I liquor.I recently on 4 15/15 went for a hearing about my right to operate being reinstated well , they told me my rght to operate should have been revoked for ten years on that offense although a superior court judge sentenced the eight year suspesion and that because I live out of state I lost my rghts? Today I got a letter from the rmv of Massachusetts that as of 4/15/15 my rght to operate has been suspended for another eight years! I don't understand this and don't know what to do about this please help thank you
What is important is for you to show the letters to an attorney who is familiar with the code sections that New...
Traveling to Canada while having DUI on record
Hi...can somebody let me know for how long I won't be able to travel to Canada due to my DUI conviction? I know there are ways to file for entry with Canadian embassy, but don't have a strong reason other than going there for vacation.
Unless you are not permitted to leave the country because of a probation condition, I don't see that there would be a...
I got DWI need a cheap lawyer also 12suppened sent I got to court 4/30/15
police stopped me I didn't do any test thy booked me and released me .I also have a spended sents so the court wont help me can u please help me
You really need to get an experienced DUI defense attorney. You can use the AVVO Find A Lawyer tab to help you locate one.