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Can you get a pouring permit in the city of Alpharetta with one dui charge?
I was charged with a dui and just recieved a job serving in Alpharetta. I know the laws are a lot stricter on receiving your pouring permit and I can't find any information online that says what can deny you from getting one. I have no other charges and was wondering if the dui will not allow me to get a pouring permit.
I did a very quick search and it looks like you will not have an issue with a DUI. However, I would recommend that you...
How do I take a DUI course in Georgia for an offense that happened in North Carolina?
I was convicted of a first time DUI in NC. I moved to GA before I completed the adets course. Am I able to do an assessment and take a course here in Georgia that will be acceptable in NC so I can get a Georgia license? Thanks for helping!!!
That would be determined by North Carolina law and regulations. You would need to contact the DMV in North Carolina to...
Criminal falsification of test results by police are routine. One attorney discovered his client's alleged 0.22% BAC was the same exact score that 20 other DWI arrestees had been accused of in a row. There is no way this "coincidence" could have been unnoticed by police.Oftentimes, a government officer will require the citizen to submit to several BAC tests. The government officer might then keep the highest reading and destroy all evidence of the lower readings. Or if all the readings are low, it is perhaps in the government's interest to destroy that evidence ("negligently misplace" it). Use of an alcohol swab before inserting the needle will give a false BAT result. It is more difficult for the government to keep track of the chain of evidence when blood is drawn at a hospital. There are differences in venous blood and arterial blood, depending on time from the last drink. The hospital will probably require a citizen to sign a waiver of legal liability before drawing blood (of course you can still sue if something goes very wrong).
Nothing shocking here. Do you have a question about a case?
Would it be a smart decision working in my favor to get my underage dui case reopened with a paid attorney?
I'm 20 & I was convicted of my first dui on June 1 2016. I was pulled over for an expired tag and speeding in Henry county. The expired tag charge was dropped. My driving record would have been clean because the speeding ticket I got when I was 16 was supposed to clear in June. I read what I believe was a .08 on the breathe test. There was no video on file. I'm in school & have a job and don't want my whole life to be taken a toll on because I made one mistake. Is there anyway that I can get it off my record?
You offer no grounds on which to reopen the DUI case.
Can I get a GA license before my NJ license is suspended for DWI
3 weeks ago I was arrested in NJ for a DWI and I am sure to lose my license. I am mortified that this occurred and am leaving the state. I know I will be required to fulfill all the state imposed punishments NJ hands down to me but I still plan on moving. I want to know, since I still have a valid drivers license in NJ and it has not been taken away, am I able to move to GA and get a license? I know GA does not take part in the Drivers License Compact but does take part in the National Driver Register which is the databases of U.S. drivers who have had their licenses revoked or suspended. So if I switch my license before a conviction or suspension is handed down will I be able to get the license and ultimately keep the GA license even if NJ found me guilty in say 6 months of a DWI?
I"m not sure it that will work of not. Your best course of action is get all this taken car of in New Jersey before you...
Can I get my DUI arrest removed from the insurance database Lexisnexis since the charges were dropped to a reckless driving?
Was arrested for DUI in Dekalb County Georgia 3 years ago. The charges were reduced to a reckless driving charge. Speaking to my insurance carrier, he said it's showing up in the Lexisnexis database as a DUI/Possession (no possession was ever in question) in addition to reckless driving. He also said that it's possible the DUI/possession should not show up and can get removed. Is this true and how would I get this changed/removed. Thanks.
After your lawyer reviews all the evidence and facts will be able to advise whether you are eligible for an expungement...
Need a lawyer to represent me for mistreatment/neglect by EMS and false arrest.
I am seeking a lawyer to represent me in a case of violations of civil rights and wrongful arrest. In 2015, I was detained and arrested for DUI drugs and disorderly conduct in GA. I am completely innocent of the charges. There is video of the entire incident as proof. During the time I was detained, I was mistreated by the police and County EMS. Briefly, I was stopped at a gas station by a police officer after he noticed that I had no tag on my car when I passed by him. I had bought the car a couple of days prior and was not yet required to have tags. This is not in dispute and was verified by the police officer at the scene. He noticed I was extremely red-faced and my hands were shaky. He decided immediately that this was the result of illegal drugs. I explained to him that I had been working at a store across the street from where we were, and I became over-heated, and drove across the street to the gas station to get cold water. He made me get out of the car and he began to question me about drugs. I explained to him that the only medications I had were prescription medicines that my doctor verified would not affect driving. CONTINUED
This is the criminal defense forum and what you are asking about is a civil lawsuit. So, search for a civil rights...