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Was put on court supervision for a first DUI..
First DUI put on court supervision for a year but has been four months and heard nothing from Noone is there a reason?
Sit Down and READ your sentencing order. Nobody is going to call you and say “Do this now. Then do that.” All that...
What happens after blowing a fail on RDP?
I messed up and blew a fail after 8 plus hours of not drinking. I did not feel drunk at all and thought it would be fine. My drug evaluation was high risk. I completed my probation all ready. I have had it for five months and after nine months I can have a hearing to get my license. After blowing the fail I just went and had a family member give me a ride. I did not blow above 0.5 and did not get a violation or any points subtracted. The SOS website on RDP says a pattern of bac readings will triggerr a letter from them. I started my car again later on that day with a pass. I know it was stupid to do. In your opinion what are the best and worse out comes for me. What are the types of Consequences i could expect.
This is an improved version of your query. See Mr. Harvatin's answer to your earlier. If you are asked for an...
What will happen if I blow a fail on my SmartStart?
After drinking the night before I waited over 8 hours and then blew in my SmartStart. It came back as fail. I am not on probation I need the SmartStart to get my license reinstated by the DMV. Luckily I did not blow a violation and when I checked my violation points none were subtracted. I have had the SmartStart for 5 months with no previous violations. And my device said fail and not violation as it says in the manual. Should I be worried?
If there is a problem you will get a letter from sos. Consequences of a violation depend upon whether you have an MDDP...
Out of state petitioner looking to get revoked license reinstated with being labeled chemical dependant ?
Hello, I had received my first dui in 2004 convicted , 2nd in 2010 which was rescinded and then I got another in 2012 which I was convicted as well. In 2014 I petitioned for reinstatement and was denied saying to return to my evaluater. I moved to S.c. and did 20 more hours of classes but never repetitioned the court for releif in 2015. Now living in N.C. I have been reevaluated again and found chemically dependent but in remission being clean and sober since early 2014 with a.a. meetings 5 times a week and mantain a sponsor and still to this day continue to maintain that. Now Im in the process of reapplying and worried of the outcome due to my labeling. I haven't lived in Illinois since October of 2014 and have worked on my abstinence ever since. I guess Im just trying to figure out if Im wasting time and money ? Im very fearful of another denial .
My office has submitted several hundred out of state packets over the last 4-5 years, many of them alcohol dependent....
Is DUI arrest expungable? Will it show up on employment background checks?
Was pulled over for headlight not working. Was arrested for DUI and blew a .07 at the station. I plead guilty to the headlight issue and got 6 months court supervision for it. DUI was dropped as part of my agreement. Can the arrest record be expunged? My concern is it will show up on employment background check. Will it? How do I go about expunging and what does it cost?
No, but it won't show up on your public driving abstract. it will show up on a fingerprint based BI for employment....
How long does alcohol last in a urine test
First time DUI
Ethyl Alcohol is eliminated fairly quickly. Labs will test for the presence of Ethyl Glucuronide which is a marker...
What kind of alcohol urine test do they do in Illinois
First time DUI
You have not received any answers to your question because it is unclear what you are asking. A urine test is just that...