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What are my chances of my 5 ye deferred Probation getting reinstated?
My PO gv me an mtr. I hv failed my drug test several times but I hv cleaned after being locked up for 9 days. I hv fail atleast 5 Uas but I hv not touched any drugs. I'm getting. false positive Uas for cocaine n heroin. I don't understand why. I do prescribed meds. I have hired a lawyer but I don't knw how to convinced him I hvnt touched anything. Also I thought every time a Ua gets done that everything has to be done in front of u. Ex.. opening the package, pouring the speciem into the the other container. All the packaged were opened b4 I went to the back. Is that legal? I take care of my elderly sick mother. I can't get takin away. Im also a single mom of 3. Ages. All girls, 13, 12, n 9.. I don't wanna go to safe p. I HAVE cleaned up
You do have a chance of your deferred being reinstated. But, it a chance. You need to get with your lawyer and supply...
My husband got sentenced to six years for a drug charge. He has a prior charge of a dwi can he file for shock probation.
He has a pror charge of dwi w child endangerment in which he has done time for.
If he has already been sentenced to TDC, he is not eligible for shock probation since he is confined to prison.
Will I go back to jail for my first offense DWI?
I'm 20 years old, no criminal history (minus a no seat belt & no insurance ticket) back in June. I was arrested Saturday night for a DWI, no proof of insurance & a speeding ticket for going 5mph over the limit. I'm assuming I failed the field sobriety test and I failed the breathalyzer. My bail was set at $4,000.00 so my dad paid $400.00 to get me out. Is there any way I can avoid further jail time? Is probation an option? I'd much rather do community service, DWI classes, & probation. This was a huge wake up call for me and I intend to never get behind the wheel of a car whilst under the influence again. Thank you for all answers in advance.
You may, or may not have been under the influence. They may or may not be able to prove it. Trained criminal lawyers do...
License suspended with a DWI,But my offense was a DUI?
I got a letter saying that my alcohol level was .08 or more (DWI) but my offense was a DUI
In Texas, you are charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you are an adult (over 17). If you are under 17, then...
I got a dwi while on parole?
I bn on parole for two yrs I still have six months left and on sat 15 2017 I was arrested while walking out of a store with a lottery ticket on hand nothing else an officer pull me to the side n started asking me questions and then he took me to jail n gave me a dwi but he never pull me over how can I fight this I cannot go to jail
There are many fine attorneys around DFW. Hire the best one you can to beat the DWI and then see if you need to deal...
DUI video?
My ex got arrested for DUI while having my son in her custody. Am I allowed to hire a lawyer to get access to have that video? I don't want to sue her necessarily. I jsut want to see the video and make my own call.
You lawyer may or may not be able to obtain the video. But if your ex is driving under the influence, you are aware it...
How many times can a DWI case be postponed?
4th offense, and did injury some people in the accident
This may be better addressed in the criminal or civil (depending on which court this case is in) practice area as I do...