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Charge is aggravated DWI (blew a 0.27) 1. Arrested In a parking lot, car was running but in park, the arresting officer agreed that I was not intending to drive. 2. I was drinking 80 proof vodka on an empty stomach with no chaser minutes before the arrest. 3. I cannot afford council I have been assigned a court appointed lawyer, he has not meet with me, I want to know where I am. Thank you for your time.
You blew a .27 in a running car. Where are you? In a lot of trouble. If you can't afford an attorney, you can't...
Got pulled over and charged with failing to blow. This is my second DUI, how long will I lose my license for? Can I get Task and probation again? Or, will I go to jail? This is in Westchester. thanks!!
Probation again? I assume that means you were convicted of the misdemeanor the first time. If that was within the past...
My friend was drunk and driving but pulled over to the side of the road when he realized he couldn't drive properly. The cops found him and he blew a .18, which makes it aggravated. He was very cooperative with the police, had no drugs in his system, and has absolutely no criminal record. He has a good lawyer retained, but he's a fatalist and is convinced he's facing jailtime. His lawyer and I have told him at the worst, he'll probably just have probation, license revoked, a fine, etc, but not jail. He's incredibly anxious and, though I know none of you can tell us what will happen for sure, I'd just like to be able to give him a good idea of what he's facing as a chance to alleviate some of his anxiety. Thank you.
.18 is high. It may depend on the County.
I am curious what penalties I will be facing and if I would be eligible for a hardship license. Also, do you think it would be possible for me to represent myself in this case as I don't have the means to afford a lawyer. In addition I just received my degree in Public accounting and I am concerned that I won't be able to obtain CPA licensing in ny. This time around I had a BAC of .13 and was pulled over for speeding I had someone in the car that could have drove but they still arrested me. I am located in Westchester county and would appreciate if anyone could shed light on my situation. Thanks.'s a misdemeanor and not a felony. You cannot get a Cond License if you took the DDP. You should not represent...
I received a DWI on the date of 1/6/11, convicted on 7/13/11 and sentenced to 3 years probation on 12/5/11.
You start by discussing it with your Probation Officer. If that doesn't get you anywhere you make a motion before the judge.
I am on DWI probation and currently have revoked license. My question is , would I be able to finish all my applications online when eligible , and before I go to dmv or would I be violating my probation by doing so? Probation officer said that I just can't have valid license without approval , but can I lift Revocation for eligibility to apply for the license. I am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated .Thanks
Generally the court won't allow you to apply for a license without permission. If you are only seeking to lift the...
The arrest was after a prior of 4 years and 11 months ago for a Dwai, but the conviction was well over 5 years. - the dwi-drugs conviction was based off a blood-test refusal, which was dismissed at the DMV court. - the defendent needs a vehicle to be employed and remain owner of his business (he is a process server) - the defendent was sentenced to attend DDP, continue of a Tasc rehab program, revocation of drivers license for 6 months, under a depositional discharge
The defendant will find out when he or she appears at the DMV to register for the DDP to see if he or she is eligible...