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  • Two arrested in Pike County drug investigationOne su...

    Friday Jan 27 | via Norwalk Reflector 

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader today announced two arrests in connection with an ongoing drug investigation in Pike County. Last night, authorities arrested Josh Rhoden, 38, on a felony charge of drug trafficking and John McJunkin, 63, on a felony charge of possession of drugs.


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  • Probe into murder of 8 family members leads to drug ...

    Friday Jan 27 | via Daily Mail 

    Murder of eight family members in Ohio remains unsolved nine months later but investigators arrest two others in unrelated drug case The investigation into the fatal shootings of eight family members in Ohio last April has led to unrelated drug charges against two people, including a distant cousin of the victims. Ohio's attorney general and Pike County's sheriff announced on Friday that evidence in the drug case was found during the ongoing investigation of the Rhoden slayings, but the case isn't related to the homicides.


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Peebles Law

Can an insurance company preform more lab tests on a sample you have given if you were not told they would be done?
I gave a saliva sample for a nicotine test but the also tested for HIV and Cocaine both negative but I was not told these would be preformed
This questions probably isn't going to be answered knowledgeably by a criminal defense lawyer, at least not this one....
Is it possible to get a DUI in Tenn and move to ohio
His wife kicked him out because she drinks all the time. He isn't and she's upset about that and has kicked him out of the house. He has friends and family in Ohio to help him finish whatever he needs to do. How do we go about doing this if it's possible?
Was he convicted of the OVI? If so, he needs to contact his probation officer as soon as possible and get his/her...
If you get a DUI in Tenn can you move to Ohio and continue with the rest in ohio
He was kicked out of his house in Clarksville Tenn, and has no where to go. He's got people here in Ohio that will help him with everything. We just need to know what to do..
He has to go back to Tennessee and handle the criminal matter. Ohio cannot deal with any offense that occurs in...
I had 2 duis 13 years ago and just got another. what am i looking at???
jail sentence, licence suspension?? and the amounts
The "lookback period" is 6 years so this is treated as a first OVI, but if you accumulate 6 within 20 years, that would...
Can I become a registered nurse with two prior dui arrest
I am thinking about enrolling in school to become RN. However I am very concerned to get denied my license because of my criminal background , I was arrested in New Jersey back in 2009 for failaiure to maintain lanes, refusal to take breathalyzer and dui. All the charges were dropped except the refusal and in 2012 was arrested for refusal and dui, no action were taken on the refusal after I provide the motor vehicle judge with proof of my asthma but I was convicted with dui. I live in Ohio and I am willing to work with an attorney to fix this issue
Your prior cases do not automatically bar you from obtaining a nursing license, but may be inquired about and...
Will I be tested for nicotine during juvinille probation?
I was put on a program called diversion after I was caught smoking weed and was also found with cigarettes on my person. The officer I met with said I would be drug tested twice a week for a period of time but didnt say which drugs. I know they will test for cannabis cocaine LSD and more but is alchol and nicotine tested for? Ever since i got in trouble I have been chewing nicotine gum and have not been smoking but it will be hard to quit the gum.
I've never had nicotine be an issue. They will test you for alcohol though.
How should I handle the rest of this Driving Under FRA Suspension citation?
I was pulled over for driving under FRA Suspension. The officer cited me for violation of ORC (Ohio Revised Code) 4510.16 AND ORC 4510.11. I had my arraignment today and plead not guilty. I have 29 days before pretrial. If found guilty of 4510.11, I could face up to 6 months jail time... That would ruin me as I have a full time job in sales. I can deal with no driving though. My knowledge: - I did not know I was suspended - Suspension was because of not responding before 1/31/17 to random check from BMV - I WAS insured for the dates the BMV was asking for - The email I "sent" to the BMV with my proof of insurance actually never sent.. Somehow it was only saved in the drafts. I wish I would have known that before all of this happened!! - To lift the suspension according to the BMV, at this point, is to pay $150 and submit an SR-22 bond through my insurance company. At that time, my license will be valid. If I reinstate before the pre-trial and meet BMV requirements, can that play in my favor? Should I get a lawyer? What would be my best way to go about this?
If you get your license valid- you should be able to handle this matter on your own. You should go the the Youngstown...