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I have a NY Conditional License after a DWAI. I am moving to NJ can I get a NJ license prior to the end of my revocation?
I get my full license back in December 2015. I cannot drive anywhere by to and from work/my house (address on my license). I am not permanently moving to NJ but temporarily. Can I keep my NY license and change the address on my conditions?
I do not believe that NJ will give you a driver's license while you have a conditional in NY.
Can I take a Xanax before court? I was arrested for a DWI and have court in a week.
I have a prescription for alprazolam for my anxiety--particularly public speaking/stressful situations. I get very red in the chest, face and neck and there is no covering it up. Can I take a Xanax or is that just asking for trouble?
If your doctor prescribed the medication and you need the medication then common sense would dictate.
I got arrested for a DWI in NY last week. I work in and currently live in NJ but have a NY license, is this going to be an issue
I am hoping to get a conditional license if I am convicted, will I not be able to get one in NY if I live in NJ? I never got a NJ license because it isn't my permanent residence. I was arrested in NY and I'm concerned that if I get a conditional NY license, I won't be able to drive to and from my apartment in NJ to work. I also refused the chemical test under suggestion from on of the officers, so at this point am I not eligible for a conditional license if by some miracle I am not convicted of the DWI?
Generally speaking, yes. Having an out of state license can really hurt your ability to get a restricted license....
What is the difference between VTL 1192.2 and VTL 1192.3? I am being charged for VTL 1192.3 (DWI INTOX)
I do not understand the difference between the two. VTL 1192.2 is listed as DWI 0.08% BAC or Greater, but 1192.3 simply lists DWI INTOX. Can you explain the difference?
The simple answer is that a charge of 1192.2 requires the DA to prove your BAC, blood alcohol content is .08 or above....
Is there any possibility I could lose my license for less than a year if I refused to do a chemical test?
I travel constantly for work and need to be able to rent a car when I am on business trips but that seems like it won't be a possibility with a conditional license. I understand I am going to lose my license but is there any way it won't be for a year?
Chemical test refusal hearings can be won. It depends on the facts of your case. Please contact an experienced DWI...
The officer that arrested me did not tell me what I blew in the breathalyzer on scene, I then refused a chemical test. What now?
I was arrested for a DWI (misdemeanor) last week and did blew into a breathalyzer while pulled over. Upon being brought to the police department, I didn't know if refusing the chemical test would make it worse or not, and one of the officers said that "in his opinion" I was better off not taking it because it would be easier to fight in court. I haven't met with my lawyer yet, but was wondering if I would have been told if the charge was for aggravated DWI on the spot--I wasn't told what I blew.
They will charge you with the refusal and not aggravated DWI if you refused the chemical test. I am surprised that the...
Arrested for Dwai?
Breathalyzer didn't read anything, waiting for blood test results. They thought I was taking Percocet because there was a prescription on my front seat Didn't take, and have never
If you didn't have anything in your system, the charges should be dismissed. You should still hire an attorney to make...