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Will I be dropped from my diversion program for shoplifting if I fail a drug screen for marijuana in St Tammany parish in LA?
I have 2 weeks left in my diversion program & had to submit a drug screen before being released. I've completed all other requirements & fees & haven't failed any prior screening. Thank you. This is my first offense
In all likelihood you will be dropped from Diversion
Can I buy a gun after my dwi's 4th and 3rd offense was expunged and got a pardon from the governor but in the pardon it didn't h
Got a pardon without restoration of gun right, but all my felony convictions have been expunged, I'm really not sure on this answe
An expungement would have no bearing on your gun rights. Louisiana does not prohibit all felons from possessing guns...
Is the statue of limitation of 10 years for DUI as of the sentencing or as of when it was over
My fiance received a DWI in 2003 and served 10 years in prison for it it is now 2016 and in 2015 he received a DUI. Isn't that over the washout period where be should be tried as a first offender again
10 years to be booked as a multi bill begins to run from the completion of his probation and parole.
What are our options for underage possession of alcohol?
My 14 year old son was walking on a parade route and was found to be in position of alcohol. Him and a friend were both detained and we were able to pick them up from a command center as long as we agreed to go to court. Our boys are good kids with no previous record and have good grades. The commander at the scene said they will probably get charged and have to do community service. When we go in front of judge is there anything we can do to prevent them from getting a record? Get off with a warning? We are giving him grave punishments at the house and he is regretting this ever happened. They did not do a breathalyzer and they said they had not drank any of it. We did not smell anything on him either.
Contact an attorney to see if the circumstances surrounding the arrest can be mitigated.
Am I getting credit or not
In the star of Louisiana, caught a 3rd dwi while on parolle, attorney said to not violate my parolle so I had to defer it, now my parolle officer is saying bc I differed my parolle I am not getting credit for the 67 days I have been incarcerated. My time starts today the day that I actually violated myself. My attorney is saying that is not true when the judge orders him to 3 years ran concurrent credit for time served he will receive credit for those days. So am I getting credit or not?
The only person that you should be asking is your own attorney.
My son was arrested for dui.
He does not drink. He is suffering from social anxiety which he is on medication. his sobriety was 0.00. they charged him with dui & improper lane usage. He showed the officer documents for his condition, but he didn't care. What can I do to help my son? He just got off probation & this will be his 4th dui. He was just getting his life back in order. Can you help please?
Meeting with and hiring a lawyer in your area is the best thing you can do to help your son. The State will likely try...
How to get a bench warrant and DUI taken care of?
I moved out of state due to Hurricane Katrina. My attorney told me he could not help me till i came back home. But in the mean time a warrant was put out for my arrest and I was not in the state to take care of it. How can i clear up this mess without getting arrested. If i get arrested i will lose my job and won't have any way of paying the fines or taking care of my family.
You will have to deal with the warrant. Most likely that will involve coming back to LA. Do you still have the same...