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  • Along With Assault And Arson, FBI Starts To Track An...

    Saturday Jan 16 | via KQED 

    This could help save more animals - and, perhaps, people: Research has shown that animal abuse is often a precursor to other acts of violence. And tracking acts of violence against animals may help law enforcement intervene before that develops into violence against people.


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What are the chance to reinstate a parolee that violated for dui in mississippi with only 5 months left on parole
dui charge in another state and he got time served. he had previos dv charges but all dismissed
As the criminal defense attorney you must hire to save your bacon here!!
The officer made a technicality on my ticket!!! he marked as of age drinker I'm not 21 yet!!!
this is my first offense an I did what I thought was right an took the test!! I blew a .10... the officer marked me as an if age drinker!!! I'm not 21 yet!!! I leave in August for military basic training an can't be on any probation or have any fines!!! I'm scared out of my wits!! all because I can't leave my friends stranded!!! what should I do?
Immediately consult a local criminal law attorney - many offer free initial consultations. You can locate a local...
This is his first offense for assault and battery, but not first he has had previous offences for DUI.what will be the outcome
My brother has court Thursday. One night he got really drunk and assaulted his mom that he lives with. She had a bruised cheek and a chipped knee that was the worst of the damage. She called the police and had him arrested. She went to the hospital and they took pictures and recorded her injuries. He is 29 and this is his first assault charge. Im just wondering if he is going to go to jail or possibly be given a big fine.She is not pressing charges. she expects the police or hospital to do it. this is his first offense for assault and battery, but not first he has had previous offences for DUI.
It is impossible for any us on here to competently tell you what is going to happen without thoroughly reviewing every...
Question: The arresting officer's DUI report does not agree with the video's information. How will my lawyer address this?
The arresting officer's written report is not at all as the video shows. He states I broke position several times during the field sobriety tests, walked not toe-to-heel but side-to-side in the walk and turn test, and moved my head too much in the eye test. Moving my head (slightly at best) is not an indication of impairment. The video also recorded two officers talking in the police car before any field tests were conducted. One asked the other, "Is he drunk?", and the response was "Yea". I had told one of the officers I had only 1 beer. What was he basing his remark on? They pulled me over for no problable cause. I had my turn signal on at a stoplight, turned properly, and the blue lights went off. He cited me for careless driving, said I was in both lanes. This is all recorded.
I must presume that you are currently being repsented by an Attorney,and if you are then the answer will be very short...
There was no prabable cause to stop me. He failed me on the 3 FSTs. Never a breath test. What are my odds to win?
Turned at a stoplight, signal on. Said I hesitated before moving. Car in front of me hesitated. Pulled me over. What is his basis for probable cause? Took FSTs. Sorry, did not decline now that I know. He failed me. Poor instructions, at a truck stop, lots of traffic and lights, uneven pavement, no line, ankle sprain 1 month prior and casted. Did not ask if I could perform "tests". I was tired. His report seemed to be a template. No traffic violations since speeding ticket 30 years ago.
"There was no probable cause to stop me." Let me start by stating that "probable cause," which is determined using...
What are the possibilities of his punishment?
i asked this question before. but i didnt word the question good enough, i dont think. my boyfriend got into trouble back in march. he missed his court date (not on purpose) and he was arrested by a bounty hunter. hes in jail now waiting to go to court which we were told would be some time this week. im just wanting to know what it is he may be looking at, he was arrested for 1: fleeing pursuit marked police car 2: DUI: second offense (penalty) 3: driver's license: driving while suspended/revoked 4: contempt of court 5: improper equipment 6: vehicle: reckless driving 7: insurance: no proof-of-liability insurance card 8: no tag. we live in mississippi and the county where he was arrested is full. we were told they may not keep him. but that wasnt a gaurantee of course. anyways if you could
The reason you do not get a good enough answer is that you are asking too difficult of a question. Every good DUI...
What is he looking at legal wise?
my boyfriend got in trouble a little while back with a second dui. he made the dumb decision to run from the cops. the cops caught up to him and he was arrested. spent a week in jail and was let out. they sent papers to his ex (at their old address) stating his court date. which he was never informed of. so he missed the court date. last night he was picked up by a bounty hunter and was taken to jail. with his missed court date and the second dui and running from the cops...what is it that he may be looking at? pls tell me something, im clueless ab this stuff. we live in the state of mississippi, if that helps with anything. thanks in advance.
We have no way of answering your question. Based on the facts you present, your boyfriend could be charged with any...