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This is his first offense for assault and battery, but not first he has had previous offences for DUI.what will be the outcome
My brother has court Thursday. One night he got really drunk and assaulted his mom that he lives with. She had a bruised cheek and a chipped knee that was the worst of the damage. She called the police and had him arrested. She went to the hospital and they took pictures and recorded her injuries. He is 29 and this is his first assault charge. Im just wondering if he is going to go to jail or possibly be given a big fine.She is not pressing charges. she expects the police or hospital to do it. this is his first offense for assault and battery, but not first he has had previous offences for DUI.
It is impossible for any us on here to competently tell you what is going to happen without thoroughly reviewing every...
Will I face jail time
I was issued a citation for weed under thirty grams. I was not arrested n I was in my car this is my first offense for anything. Will my license be suspended? Will I face jail time.Could a attorney get my charges wiped completely for a low cost?
This charge is more serious than most people give it credit for, and your questions are good ones. First, if you plead...
What if I fail my drug test for court appointed correctional counseling?
I was put on correctional counseling for six months. What happens if I fail drug test
if you fail a condition of your sentence then any suspended jail time can be revoked, they could extend your probation...
Would it help if I talk to the prosecutor on my husband's behalf? If he loses his job, we will lose everything.
My husband is charged with DUI. I was the extremely drunk one and we were having an argument outside. the people surrounding us called the cops about noise. The cops never saw him driving but he admitted to driving and blew over the limit. Our attorney is recommending a plea deal where he pleads guilty to DUI but receives the bare minimum in punishment. The attorney has said that the arresting officer's account is very sympathetic towards him and that she even mentions he did not appear drunk and passed the field sobriety tests but based on his answers, she gave him the breath-test. I know he broke the law in trying to take care of me. Do you think the prosecutor might agree to a lesser charge with the same punishments if I talk to her and explain what it will do to our kids and my husband
Your husband is represented. It would be unethical to give him legal advice. Talk to your attorney
Will I go to jail I was accused of embezzling 17 dollars and some cents
I have had a DUI before but the cop that arrested me said I had a clean record
Well if you had a DUI then the DA will find out and obviously the cop is wrong. They usually are. No one will be able...
How can I get a DUI removed after it's been 3 years?
I'm in the military but a few years ago I was with friends and we had been doing some light drinking but I failed the alcohol breathalizer but I am trying to go active duty and i need this off my record before i can, what are my options?
Not this soon (3 years), unfortunately. However, depending on the facts and whether you meet the eligibility criteria...
At the time of a dui arrest does a person have the right to request a attorney be present during any field sobriety or chemical
Testing ? And if so what is the sub section law that states this right?
You may request an attorney, which you should do in a situation in which you feel that you are being investigated for...